Safe and medical material for the building - bio-gel for nails.

Biogel is the safest drug to build up and nail care products in the cosmetics industry.It allows you to build and strengthen the nail platinum, and also stimulates their growth.This is quite a popular material.Increasingly, women give preference to this technology, because it is completely safe, unlike acrylic, and gives hands a well-groomed and natural look.

It is composed of resin tiksovogo tree, which is characterized by high strength and elasticity.And thanks to the nail plate protein cease flake, crumble and become healthy.Use this material for building, rebuilding and strengthening.Save Natural and multiply the strength of will to bio-gel nails.Reviews women try it, as evidence of this drug.Many have noted significant improvement in the appearance of the nail plate after application.

Most importantly, according to customers that the nails are not damaged and "breathe".In addition, the material completely non-toxic, durable and helps to align roughness.The procedure for building a comfortable and does not take much time.Under a UV lamp dries quickly bio-gel for nails.Testimonials confirm its high degree of safety.The great advantage is the absence of contraindications.And all thanks to the natural composition, which does not cause an allergic reaction.This is a great alternative to gels and acrylics.

Today it is the only coating without causing damage to the health of the nail plate.A useful composition of the material is recommended for frail, prone to flaking and brittle nails.Even with the removal of bio-gel plate is less exposed to aggressive influences, as the solution used to remove the coating, harmless and removes only the material itself.You can say for sure that no injury has no bio-gel for nails.Reviewed by any of the fans of this product confirms this fact.

The advantage is that it can be worn all the time.As a result, long-term care Biogel plate rarely break down, begin to grow more quickly, become smooth, strong and shiny.Healthy, smooth and white nails, you can get a few weeks after coating.By interacting with proteins harden in front of the plate.That's why most women are increasingly choosing bio-gel for nails.Technology building is: before coating plate polished special roller and degreased.

then evenly applied weight, it is not necessary to file the nail, because the drug has the ability to self-regulation.Further it is fixed under ultraviolet light for several minutes.The whole process takes less than an hour.If desired, the coating can be applied artistic painting.After 2-3 weeks, you must again apply the bio-gel for nails.Reviewed by any of the women are constantly making capacity this stuff, full of enthusiastic words.

plates look natural under the surface, which creates a protective barrier against negative influences from the outside and treats.A correction is applied to the new layer - the old gel is removed with a solution.If you want to get well-groomed and beautiful hands, try the bio-gel for nails.Price application procedures for its low - from 600 rubles.