Where does an Eskimo?

called Eskimos people have long inhabited the territory of Chukotka in the Russian Federation, Alaska in the United States, in Canada, Nunavut and Greenland.The total number of Eskimos is about 170 thousand people.The largest number of them live in the Russian Federation - about 65 thousand. People.In Greenland, there are about 45 thousand. People. In the United States of America - 35 thousand. People.and Canada - 26 thousand. people.

Origins people

If literally, "Eskimo" means a person who eats meat.However, in different countries they are called differently.In Russia it yugyty, that is, real people in Canada - the Inuit and Greenland - tladlity.

Wondering about where lives an Eskimo, you must first understand who these interesting people.The origin of the Eskimos and today is considered to be a contentious issue.Some people believe that they belong to the oldest population in the Bering region.Their ancestral home was probably north-east Asia, and from there the settlers settled in the north-west of America across the Bering Strait.

Asian Eskimos today

In Russia, it is the population with the Chukchi occupies Chukotka Autonomous District.Nowadays it is difficult to find a settlement only with these unusual people.Today, in any locality where he lives an Eskimo, and is home to a number of Russian and Chukchi and Tatar and Ukrainian, and Even.Large Inuit communities are in rural Sireniki, New Chaplino, Lawrence Uelkal, Whalen and Lorino, as well as in the village of Providence.

modern Eskimo populations in Canada, the United States and Greenland

dwelling Eskimos, even in Alaska, though in Chukotka, is always located in difficult environmental conditions.Inuit settlements in Canada appeared five thousand years ago in the territory between the rivers and Telonio Dubaunt.Since 1999, it is considered to be a semi-autonomous Nunavut land area of ​​2.1 million. Sq kmHaving control over its territory, Inuit and to this day is holy preserve the culture of their ancestors.Just build a winter igloo and hunt in the local forests.Summer collections and craft classes are held in the village of Baker.A hunt for seals and reindeer, trout fishing gathers people in Victoria Island.

Eskimos of North America live in harsh Arctic zone.They cover mainly the seaside of the north of the continent.And in Alaska Eskimo settlements occupy not only the coastal strip, but also some of the island.The population living on the River Copper River, almost completely assimilated with the local Indians.Just as in Russia, the United States is very small settlements in which live only Eskimos.Overriding their number is on the territory of Point Barrow, on the banks of Kobuk, Nsataka and Colville, and along the Bering Sea.

Life & Culture Greenland Eskimos and their relatives from Canada and the United States alike.However, today mostly gone their dugouts and utensils Dish with seal fat.Since the mid-twentieth century, Greenland was hard to develop the construction of houses, including the multi-storey.Therefore, the home of the Eskimos has changed significantly.Electricity and gas burners began to use Bole fifty percent of the population.Almost all of the Greenland Eskimos are now prefer European clothes.


life of this nation is divided into summer and winter modes of existence.It has long been the main occupation was hunting Eskimos.In winter the main prey of hunters - it seals, walruses, various cetaceans and sometimes bears.This fact explains why the area where he lives an Eskimo, is almost always located on the sea coast.Sealskin and fat of dead animals has always faithfully served and helped these people to survive in the harsh Arctic conditions.In the summer and autumn period man hunt for birds, small game and even fish.

should be noted that the Eskimos are not nomadic.Despite the fact that in the warm season, they are constantly in motion, the winter for several years in one place.

Unusual accommodation

to imagine what the Eskimos live, you need to understand their way of life and rhythm.Because of the peculiar seasonality housing Eskimos also two types - tents for summer and winter habitat home.These dwellings on are unique.

When creating a summer tents accounted for their volume of not less than ten people.Of the fourteen poles to create designs and skins covered in two layers.

In cold weather, something else came up with the Eskimos.Needle - snow huts, which are the winter version of their homes.They reach about four meters in diameter and a height of two meters.Lighting and heating people provided through the fat of seals, which is in the bowl.Thus, the room temperature rises to twenty degrees above zero.With these self-made lamps cook and melt snow for water.

Usually, one gets a hut for two families.Each of them occupies the half.Naturally, the housing becomes dirty very quickly.Therefore, it is destroyed and a new erecting elsewhere.

Save Eskimo ethnicity

man who visited the land where he lives an Eskimo, will not forget the hospitality and kindness of the people.It feels special hospitality and kindness.

Despite the belief of some skeptics about the disappearance of the Eskimos to the ground in the nineteenth or twentieth century, these people stubbornly proves the opposite.They managed to survive in the difficult conditions of the Arctic climate, create their own culture and to show great vitality.

big role in this is the unity of the nation and its leaders.An example are the Greenland and Canadian Inuit.Photo, video reports, relationships with other species populations argue that they can not only survive in the harsh environment, but also to achieve greater political rights, as well as gaining respect in the global movement among the natives.

Unfortunately, in the Russian Federation socio-economic situation of the indigenous population is a little worse and requires support from the state.