How to draw Naruto beautifully

Since childhood I liked to draw.It seemed that when the draw shall be exempt from some cargo, acquire incredible integrity, strength, become harmonious, and a satisfied life, calm.Perhaps it really was so!She painted underwater world of mermaids, swans, horses, and a few people ... anime, but then I had no idea that it was them - because in the 90s, in a world where I grew up, the Japanese anime and did not smell.

I met with the characters of Japanese animation is not a teenager, and I must admit, I do not want to part with them, they live in my memory to this day.One of the most beloved - a teenage ninja Naruto Uzumaki.

I also liked the owner of the forest of Tottori, Princess Mononoke, and many others.I would like to live not only in memory or in the media, but also in the heart, but it needs to bring something of their own.

As I draw a very amateur level, because in art school, I did not go to (her, we also did not have), could only wonder about how to draw Naruto character of a favorite for me and many young people (and not onlyteenagers) anime series.

After trying to draw Naruto myself, I realized that without the help of visual aids or video tutorial called "How to draw Naruto" I simply can not cope with this task.

video tutorials a lot of options, and all are different for different levels of "painters".My level I would rate as a novice amateur, so I was primarily interested in how to draw Naruto pencil.

Reviewing a huge number of video tutorials, I still come to the conclusion that you can do without them, we need only to examine carefully phased technology, showing how to draw Naruto.Here's how the next photo.

Occupation, tell you a secret, exciting!First, paint the frame head, the main line.I do a hair's breadth as in the picture.It must be noted that the result exceeded all my expectations!Marking line help to clearly display the proportions, so just need to paint them.After the painted eyes, nose and ears, you can proceed to the hairstyle, clothing, and war paint Naruto as the legendary cat's whiskers - I call them.Make out the main lines of clothing, to lay the shade where you want ... and you're done!Naruto just as real, but even better, because I painted it myself!You can add color, painting the finished Naruto paints or crayons.

Now I know the basics of drawing a anime character, I think it will help me to continue in my hobby.There are many techniques that can help you learn how to draw Naruto and I'm sure that after a few experiments could well be, there has its own machinery picture of your favorite character.

And it's much nicer than having all the collected works of anime at home.Skill can hone indefinitely or until such time has not yet learned how to use chakra and master print for its control.After Nine demon can live in each of us!