Nudiysky beach.

Unlike Naturists - people in the world which is based on the maximum fusion of body and spirit of man with nature, nudist - only a small reflection in the mirror of life.Nudists do not share a common philosophy, but tend to be free, at least temporarily from the public morals and receive wonderful sensations through the naked body.

Away from all

denude Many fans go for new emotions to the nudist or nudiysky as some call it, the beach, which is hidden away from civilization.For nudist - it's a great option of annual leave.If we leave aside all moral norms, it is possible to think about what could be better than warm water and pat your sun?Is frustrating to spank her bare feet on the warm coastal sand?It is unlikely that any of the readers suddenly refuse to be on the sea coast and soak up the sunshine.

Now imagine that you are naked.Well?Is not it great when all the parts of your body blows a gentle breeze, the warmth of the sun's rays envelop?For those who like this type of holiday and at the same time does not want to be known as the type of immoral in the eyes of the public, and there nudiysky beach - area eccentrics who decide to disregard the conventions of time in the community of their own kind.Such recreation areas can be found around the world and in Russia, too, for example in Anapa, Gelendzhik, Loo, Sochi and other cities of the Black Sea coast.

Where did the concept of "nudity"?

If you look at history, nudism, or naturalism, appeared in Germany in the early twentieth century.Then it became fashionable to swim and sunbathe completely naked.It is for the youth and then found its response and the youth of other countries.

nudiyskoe movement in Russia has only recently become tread the path themselves conservatives and reactionaries.

One of the oldest known beaches, which appeared during the time of the artist M. Voloshin, still exists today in Koktebel.Even in Soviet times, in such places could meet foreigners who then proudly showed photos of his Russian-speaking friends: "Look, what pictures to nudiysky beach!", But they just turned away shyly.

But nudist beach - is not just nudity and naked savagery of nature itself: sand, gravel, water, waves and sun, it looks here as well as at the time of creation.And anyone can come here and try to return to the state of innocence Adam and Eve before their expulsion from the Garden, when they still did not know shame.

Nowadays you can have more freedom than ever before to come to nudiysky beach, take a break from city life and social conservative views.Many people put up with nudists and not perceive them as inadequate perverts.Still, nudists for your holiday try to choose from view distant places.

We have something to learn from them

way, we can learn from naturists - always clean up after them.Nature is sacred to them, therefore, to leave behind the dirt is unacceptable.Any nudiysky beach - in Sochi, Adler, Tuapse - a seating area, the harmony of body and soul.Offensive behavior is not the place.This was keenly followed by "old men" -nudisty.

These beaches can be visited and ordinary people.Someone wants to go to the beach nudiysky out of idle curiosity, someone wants to try to relax naked for the first time, but the majority are "old-timers" who drive the first year.In any event, a wonderful vacation on the Black Sea coast is provided to everyone in swimsuits and without.