Passive and active suffrage

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policy in one form or another - is an integral part of the life of every citizen, because economic and social situation in the country affects the state of society.As in most developed countries, there is a democracy and people can directly participate in the life of their country.To ensure this right, introduced certain legal norms.They are necessary to neutralize unrest and establish maximum equality.

suffrage - is established legal norms, which are aimed at regulating the participation of citizens in this procedure, as elections.In addition, the law in question affect the electoral rules, the order of revocation of officials, the relationship between the representative organizations and voters.Legal regulations also define the sequence of elections and the right of final tabulation.

almost every country there are active and passive suffrage, which allows you to contribute to the political situation of every citizen.Let us examine the meaning of these terms.

active suffrage implies the possibility of a person to participate in the election of various officials and deputies.Also, citizens may vote at the referendum, that is, each individual reaches the age of 18 has the right to elect any officials.Why is it called the active right?The idea is that in order to elect any officer, a person must perform certain actions.In particular, to fill the resulting sheet and put it in a special box.

active suffrage did almost all the country's citizens, regardless of their religion, language, race, position, nationality, origin, and so on.However, it is worth noting some of the nuances.They have no right to elect persons who are in penal colonies and Citizens found incompetent by a court order.

active suffrage can be both direct and indirect.In the first case it is assumed that the deputies will be elected directly by the citizens.Indirect right implies that people are pushing the electors, who are required to decide who is to be elected.Such a system is the most popular in developed countries.

passive suffrage - is the ability of a citizen to run for elective office.There are some restrictions.In every country they own.For example, the US president can only be a citizen who has attained 35 years of age.

Universal suffrage means giving all adult and capable citizens to elect any officer.Moreover, the principle of universality implies passive suffrage, this man who has passed all the qualifications established.Such a right began to be used in practice only in the twentieth century.Earlier, there were property qualifications and sex.

summarize.Passive and active suffrage allows every citizen to take a direct part in the political life of the country.Similar legal provisions - is the hallmark of a developed country.Despite the fact that the voting rights can benefit almost anyone, except in certain cases, there are certain rules that prevent disorder.In particular, it qualifications and limitations.In today's world it is extremely flexible and democratic.However, these legal provisions were introduced not so long ago.Previous censuses were tough enough.