So what is a melon?

No one remembers why suddenly there was doubt about the fact that the melon - a fruit or a vegetable?Moreover, some believe that she and her close relative of the melon and berries all are.So whether it is in fact, try to understand right now.

Sister cucumber

To answer such interesting question, you need to mentally travel back to the garden, or melons, and recall how the melon growing on it that look like sheets to which family it belongs.

Some saw the first lash of melon and cucumber, surprised, because they are so similar.Such an vine, depending on the variety, stretches out for several meters.In addition to this common feature, too, leaves both cultures is almost identical.They are small, fan-shaped.Of course, for example, in Uzbekistan melon sheets will be large in size, but in the suburban greenhouses are very modest.And it will help answer the question: "Melon - a fruit or a vegetable?" After all, the small size sheet fragrant beauties let you clearly see its relationship with cucumber.In him they are the same shape, but a little darker in color and less hairy.

Melon - a fruit or a vegetable?

Those who never grew or did not see growing melons, may think that they face cucumber whip.After her seem yellow flowers, is also hard to say, melon or cucumber is a vine.After all, the last color is almost the same size and color.No wonder this factor confuses even bees.They pollinate those and other plants on their feet transferring pollen from flower to flower.So sometimes the fruits of melon, cucumber grown close to resemble the taste of the latter.

root system of representatives of both cultures is also identical - it is not deep, and grows in breadth.Both vegetable transplants do not like, because the roots are injured at the same time.

All of the above helps to dispel the doubts.Thinking melon - a fruit or vegetable, we can say with certainty that it is a vegetable.After all, it is they and cucumber is, and his native aromatic sister can not relate to other classes of botanical plants.

dispels the myth that the melon - a berry

So what is a melon - fruit, vegetable or berry?Honey fruit often equate not only fruit, but also to the berries.Where did such an opinion?The reason for consideration was the watermelon.Somehow, some began to call him a huge berry.They say that watermelon is very sweet, so it is not a vegetable, but it can be a berry.After all, they also grow on the ground rather than in trees.Yes, strawberries, cranberries and certain other inhabit the soil level.However, the writers of myths have forgotten that cherry, are berries, grow on trees.Therefore, the fact that watermelon dwell on earth, is not a proof of its "berry" origin.

Melon, as he also melons.Writers myths prove that time watermelon - berry, melon and his cousin, too, it is.But, as shown above, with juicy fruit pulp is not a scarlet berry, melon and therefore can not be considered to this class of botanical plants.

If you look at the leaves of the pumpkin, squash, cucumber, melon, it clearly shows their similarity to melon leaves.Therefore, the melon - is a vegetable, as well as the cultures.By the way, zucchini squash leaves are almost the same as that of watermelons - they are delicate and carved.Therefore, even watermelon and sweet, but also vegetable.And it is not a berry.Now everyone thinking about the melon - a fruit or vegetable, can say that it is a vegetable.