Tahiti where?

Unfortunately, very few people can answer with accuracy, where even some taken by the State of Tahiti.Where is this country do not know, not only children but also many adults.In this article we will tell you not only about where to find the island on the map, but also try to give detailed information about this amazing country.

Geographical location

Tahiti is considered the largest island of French Polynesia.The island is 1043 square meters.km.His entire area is covered by dense forests and mountain peaks.The highest mountain peak of the island - Orohena (2240 ​​km).Tahiti consists of two islands - Tahiti Nui (which means "Big Tahiti") and Tahiti Iti ("small Tahiti"), they are interconnected by a small isthmus (in which you can make if you look at where the Tahitimap).

Big Island has an almost circular shape, the mountain is dramatically interspersed with valleys, waterfalls, caves.Valley Papenoo comes to gorge Maroto and leads to the crater lake Vaihiria.In this part of Tahiti stretched magnificent beaches, which are covered with sand, which is of volcanic origin.Along the coast is growing hibiscus, palm trees and breadfruit trees.

entirely different landscape in the Little Tahiti.Where is this part of the country, where the mountains descend slopes straight into the sea, and therefore in some places it is impossible to drive the car.

Capital Papete

capital of Tahiti, is a city Papete that is located on the northwest coast of the island.The town stretches along the slopes of the mountains and along the coast.Among the fragrant tropical gardens, beautiful mansions hiding.We can say that Papete - is the only place that reminds of the civilization in this tropical paradise.In the capital, has everything: government offices, banks, shops, markets, offices, restaurants, souvenir shops and hotels.

climate of the island

Many travelers dream of a vacation in Tahiti.Where is the island, you have already learned, and now give him a look at the climate.The state is in the tropics.The region has a warm and humid season that lasts from November to May and a dry and cooler season - from June to October.Approximate average annual temperature is 27 ° C.The high rainfall occurs during the wet season, but that does not mean that at this time there is no sunshine.As a rule, Raining at night or early in the morning and are of short duration.At other times, the island is a great warm and sunny weather.Sea water in the lagoons is heated to 26 ° C.Thanks to the fresh breeze from the Pacific Ocean on the island of closeness is not observed.In fact, the holiday in Tahiti can safely plan throughout the year.


The island has a large number of amazing places and monuments.On the history of Polynesia can be found in the Museum of Tahiti.Here are the exposition of ritual clothing, folk art and everyday life.The museum kept paintings of Paul Gauguin, memoirs and letters of the great artist.

Equally amazing institution that is well worth a visit - Black Pearl Museum.Tahiti - this is one of the few countries where they grow black pearls.This museum contains information about the history and production techniques, as well as its philosophical, religious and mythological importance.Here tell visitors about the quality criteria, which allow evaluation of pearls.The institution can buy beautiful jewelry from the collection of Robert Bath, who is considered the king of black pearls.Also, all those who wish to visit the village where the pearls are harvested.

Of course, many tourists are interested in another place in Tahiti.Where is the market on the island?This is perhaps the most frequent question from visitors to the island.The most popular market here is Le Marché, which is Papete.Counters of this place just rife with souvenirs, objects of applied art, colorful bouquet of orchids and many other tropical plants.Many vendors also offer a variety of pearl trinkets tayfay, shawls, and other fascinating items.In addition, the market can buy exotic fruits and vegetables.

If you spend a vacation in Tahiti, we recommend you visit the beautiful palace Pomare IV.At this point in the reconstructed building of the palace is the mayoralty of the capital.In the 19th century the building was the residence of Queen Pomare IV, that the rules on the island in those days.It is worth noting that religion occupies in the life of the Polynesians important.Of particular interest is also the Cathedral of Notre Dame, a Chinese temple and a temple Poafay Mom.

rare samples of flora of the region can be seen in the Botanical Gardens of Tahiti.

Active Life

For those who prefer outdoor activities, there are a large number of sports clubs, which offer surfing, snorkeling, deep-sea fishing.

Rules of entry

Well, now you know where the Tahiti informed about its climate and tourist attractions, it now remains to clarify just one thing - whether the need to apply for a visa?All citizens of the Russian Federation should receive a visa.To do this, you need to prepare the following documents:

  • passport (validity of the document must be at least 3 months);
  • copies of all pages of internal passport, even including the page with the rules;
  • tickets with dates of entry and exit;
  • certificate of employment, which should be issued on the letterhead, the document specifies the name of the company, your job title, annual income, the period of leave;
  • for students, pensioners and the unemployed need a certificate of income a person who is financing the trip;
  • 2 color photos taken within the last 6 months;
  • filled special questionnaire;
  • medical insurance;
  • documents that can confirm the availability of funds;
  • marriage certificate (for spouses);
  • birth certificate (for minors);
  • other documents.

Where is the island of Tahiti, is called a true tropical paradise.Anyone who has visited this wonderful country, the dream to get there more than once.