Amazing beaches of Rhodes

transparent clear water of the Mediterranean and Aegean seas, beautiful nature, good climatic conditions and the hospitality of the staff of hotels and locals attracted tourists from all over the world.Greece, Rhodes, beaches - that's it!Suitcase in hand - and a holiday to Rhodes.Enough to bring your swimsuit.For relaxation on the beaches do not need to take anything extra.Although you can do without a bathing suit, coming to rest on Rhodes nudist beaches is not fancy.Every year more and more people prefer nudist recreation.If vacationers previously been shy and conservative, is now tanning topless is not surprising.Nudist beach is located near the center of Faliraki.Everything is there: loungers, umbrellas and even a locker room.Absolutely quiet place that women have access to safe safe.

Beaches Rhodes

Calm shallow sea and unspoiled sandy beaches - these are the Mediterranean coast.And even if the pebble beach, the hotel is near the bulk sand.All Holiday!The main thing is that here in the sun warmed the sea, great for a vacation with children.Best Vacation season - from late June to early September.One of the best beaches of Faliraki is considered, where the shore for 5 km is covered with golden sand.The most visited beach of Rhodes - Lindos.Clean golden sand, the sea is shallow, clear water - better not come up for bathing babies and families vacation.

seemingly endless, nemnogolyudny, with rocks and caves Afandou Beach, awarded the blue flag of the European Union for its cleanliness.Close to the beach to services of tourists is provided for field golf.Quite a lot of taverns and restaurants, and this famous beaches of Rhodes.

One of the most beautiful in the Mediterranean Sea is the beach town of Rhodes.At 10 kilometers away is immersed in the exotic vegetation of pines and palm trees, the beach of Kalithea.Healing springs, spa resorts and thermal baths attract tourists from all over the world.This paradise is under water sea for scuba divers.

Beaches of Rhodes in the Aegean Sea is unique.They are rocky and gravel, as well as entrance to the sea, which is cooler than the Mediterranean, even in the warm summer months.The highlight of the Aegean Sea - foaming waves and hardly viewed in the fog islands.Interestingly Prasonisi beach, located on the extreme point south of the island of Rhodes.There isthmus connects Prasonisi with Rhodes and divides the two seas: Aegean and calm the troubled Mediterranean.In July and August, when strong winds blow, it can be seen on the beaches vacationers and tourists with windsurfing boards.The beach is also popular with Yalios vindserfengistov.There are constantly competitions in this sport.As Afandou Beach, he was awarded the blue flag of the European Union for its cleanliness.

Beaches Rhodes different.Some - sandy, quiet and peaceful, others - pebble constant sea waves, but they are attracting tourists with its unique, unique landscapes and the ability to respond to any questions of modern tourists.