Witch sign on hand - the main sign of the Witch

Did you know that the witch's mark on her arm - is a main sign, on which you can find a witch?At the words "witch" or "witch" often we are reminded of the famous witch trials that took place in medieval Europe.In our minds immediately arises old hag with a crutch, whose main goal - to make small and large mischief his neighbors.It was believed that by ordinary women witch witch distinguishes a special badge located on the body or on the palms.Few people today know that the original witches called wise women, healers, traditional healers and sorcerers, and formed the name from the ancient word "Veda" - knowledge.

Witch considered an intermediary between our world and the spirit world.Its main purpose was to heal people and to give wise counsel.In ancient times these women certainly had its patron goddess.In Russia, after the Russian people took the Greek belief, witches were treated with caution, however, by means of the wise Sage still refuses.Quite different things were in Europe XVI-XVII centuries.It has survived judicial records since the witch hunts and amaze with their cruelty and bloodlust.As a result of the persecution of innocent women book appeared, a kind of instruction in which the founding fathers of the Inquisition describe how to distinguish a witch from the God-fearing woman.

According to this book, the witch's mark on her arm - is not the only distinguishing feature of the witch.That sign is any unusual markings on the body.The professional witch hunters thought that this is what the devil condemns his accomplice.A special hallmark is considered the largest wart.The holy fathers thought that this - the nipple, through which the devil witch feeds.In the same book he was described by the order of the trial, and torture, which should expose the defendants.

women accused of witchcraft were stripped, bound, carefully removed from her body hair and examined it.It was believed that witches are not the sign may be in sight, so it is looking at the most intimate parts of the body.Every suspicious birthmark shaped pricked special needles - if the woman did not feel pain, so she was a witch.As a rule, the skin on these areas loses its sensitivity, so the witch is practically every unhappy, fell into the hands of the Holy Inquisition.If the body of the accused did not have any signs of torture does not end.They lasted until the needle inquisitor did not find the area of ​​skin with low sensitivity.Even a perfect body did not save the unfortunate, because this perfection it could award the devil.When the wine was considered a woman's proven, it burned at the stake.These autos were bloody all over Europe for two centuries.We burned at the stake best the fairer sex that era.

Some superstitions from the darkness of the Middle Ages came to our days, but the attitude towards women, endowed with the gift of healing, changed for the better.Witch sign on your hand for a long time does not scare anybody.Palmists argue that this is a sign of fine lines that form a pattern in the form of the eye.His so-called - "The Eye of the Witch."Find this sign can be at the base of the palm, near the Moon Hills.It is believed that the sign of "Eye of the Witch," says a man endowed with a special talent.Among those marked with this symbol, most often found healers, fortune tellers, and oracles, that is, people who have a connection with the other world.Such people, endowed with a very strong energy and the gift of premonition, born either at the beginning or at the end of the millennium.As a rule, the witch and the sign on the hand and accompanying talents are inherited, often through the female line, and in a generation.That is why this sign can be distinguished from a sorcerer or sorceress charlatan and impostor.