How to remove the spell and try to bring back a loved one?

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Undoubtedly, a grain of truth in plots, slanders and evil eye is.Whatever denied the existence of sense do not believe in conspiracies force people, culture folk art can not exist in a vacuum.Folk wisdom tells them more than a century in a row, and the existence of witches and wizards, as they do not deny, confirmed by experience.Surely everyone has a couple stories about how to remove the spell, conspiracies and evil eye that occurred with their friends or relatives.

If you read the literature on the topic of folk art of the secret omens and witchcraft, you can find a lot of evidence that their life is not sugar.All the rituals and clandestine activities related to the love spell, destroy charms associated with the dark forces, and they have a negative impact not only on the subject of witchcraft, but also on the very sorcerer, to the environment, to those who use its services.

Calm down and think, without tears and emotions

When something happens, and the care of her husband or lover for a woman real trouble, then it is ready to look for, how to remove the spell and believe anything, only to return a loved one.Before you look for help, try to calm down and leave emotions aside and think about.After all, if there was a betrayal or a man carried away by another woman and passion has not passed, and tightened it, it all came out of nowhere.

If infidelity, and even more so - of care, there is a real base, if you want this, this man and whether because of his spears to break and to look for how to remove the spell.Return it and six months later he was someone else will.Start all over again: to suffer and cry.Maybe it's better to let him go, darling, and let him continue looking for their lot in life.

Or maybe another development.Wrong man, thought it best to find - and wrong.Soon had asked back, one has only to wait, do not look for, how to remove the spell from her husband, and to pretend that it is not suffering.Go to the barber shop, make a beautiful hairdo, put on your best outfit - and theater, restaurant or club.If you return your precious - forgive him a little bit broken for the species and live happily on.

There is a possibility that the woman was wrong.The man did not think to change, and unfounded suspicions of the second half was brought to the fact that go, aimlessly, but would not see the suspicious looks, not to hear the daily scandals and questioning.Perhaps the attention paid before the recipes from the omens look?

If the decision is made, then proceed

Perhaps none of the arguments have not convinced.Nothing to do, will have to think about how to remove the spell with a loved one.First of all, there are some signs that your man was attacked by evil forces from the black magicians and sorcerers.Look to him, and if you notice that the thoughtful and, most importantly, did not understand what was happening to him, then that's one of the ways how to remove the spell.

Make the sign of the cross over the beloved and three read over it a conspiracy: "Protect, O Lord Jesus, our life, take trouble, put razluchnitsa, a snake in the grass, to clean it in a dark hole beside.To us do not go, do not run hither nor threshold, or in a window. "Before going to bed, put an icon of the Virgin Mary (the icon should be in the room) light a candle for the whole night.To lie to her husband under the left side, in the morning to stand before him and blow out the candle.

Go to the kitchen, pour half a crystal goblet with water (well, if it is holy) and say, looking at the glass and caught in it a reflection of their eyes, "I'm her husband single wife, our love to him one andunbreakable. We were with him vekovat, separation will not happen. Who wants to will the past be held with my command. Jesus, help her husband's bait, the Virgin Mary, help razluchnitsa scare away. And as soon as this water shall wither, so its spell withered. Amen,Amen, amen! "

Enter the water in his mouth and drizzle on her sleeping husband.Wipes him not to let the water itself dries.Three days will have to repeat the whole ritual.

If awakened by cold water, the favorite will not go away, let go of all suspicion.He only loves you (even if they ran to the left, it is only out of solidarity with the family man), because he is willing to endure all the abuse on themselves in order to remain close to you.