Blocking sites: how to get around?

If you use the services of the Internet (and it is certainly true, because otherwise read this article you could not b), as well as live in Russia, it is likely that you know what the lock site.For you, this is reflected in the fact that the provider, referring to the decision of Roskomnadzor, or even some administrative authority, or any other "significant" cause, blocking access to this or another site.So, of course, go to this resource in the future you can not.

This article will be devoted to the review of this issue.In it, we look at the reasons that may be prohibited sites, as well as technologies that it can be easily circumvented.You will learn how to turn off site blocking, despite all attempts not to let your provider for a particular resource.

As we come to the site?

So, to begin to understand how the blocking of sites, you need to understand a little bit how we get to a particular resource is generally arranged online and why someone can we avoid somewhere.Let's start with the chords - DNS, IP and domain name.

So, you know that the Internet, through which you leave the network provided by your ISP.Every month you make payments for the use of its services, choose rates, speed and so on.The provider, in turn, directs you to the DNS-server that processes your request when you try to visit a resource.DNS-server, in turn, converts your request and redirects you to IP-address, where the site is located.A domain name of the site (for example, - it is simply a literal expression of addresses IP, which is easier to perceive.

locking mechanism

If you want to know what the lock sites, how to get around it, you need to understand at what level was blocked resource.First level - the easiest - a lock on the DNS.Remove it simply - use the public servers, which are now complete.Now these addresses give Google, Comodo, Norton, DNS Advantage and other service providers.Simply register their DNS numbers in my computer's settings to use them.Because public servers are no restrictions, go to the "VC" or any other service you can without any problems.

lock the domain name - this is a more serious problem that can be solved only by using the "mirrors" of the site."Mirror" - an alternative address of the resource to which you can connect, if the main domain is blocked provider.For example, if the primary is, the mirror can be created on or a rule, the organizers of the sites indicate alternative domains if necessary.

blocking IP-address resource is the most difficult.Therefore, we will speak about it: how to bypass a blocked site provider in such a case, and what to do for it.

Information: In this article we do not consider the so-called "local" lock.We are talking about another way the ban on visits to sites, which creates a special program for blocking sites.This solution can be used in offices, for example, in order that employees do not spend their working time on social networks and games.To get around this prohibition, you can use the same tools, which will be discussed below.

The reasons for blocking sites

general must not forget about the reasons for these or other internet sites lend themselves locked.It is necessary, at least to understand why your favorite website can not be visited.

As mentioned above, one of the reasons that have been blocked for "VK», «Youtube» and other service entertainment subjects - is a strict boss, trying to get you to work.Let's just say it - the most simple and uncomplicated reason that stimulates you to distract from unnecessary entertainment and work for your company.Apart from it, there are other versions of why he blocked a resource.

some of its members makes us look like bypass a blocked site, "Rostelecom".This - a nationwide provider that provides Telecommunication Services.Like other operators in this market, it is subject to regulations "Rospotrebnadzor" - the administrative body, which is also involved in the control of the information, including the Internet.He is able to ban sites that may be called "extremist", "fraud" or assigned to other categories, indicating that the resource is outside the law.So, to get to him, you will need to know how to circumvent the blocking of banned sites.

Another option is already coming from other entities lock.For example, some sites that infringe copyright, prohibits search engine Google and other resources, controlling the Internet in one way or another.Also, sites may be blocked, and the government agencies of other countries, because they contain illegal material.The latter include child pornography and bestiality, resources that promote excessive violence, multiple discrimination and other similar sites.With them, in principle, are struggling in many countries, but their popularity does not fall from it.

Thus, in general we can say that the locked resources of two directions: illegal (recognized as such by administrative authorities), as well as undesirable to view (for example, during business hours).

most famous blocked resources

From the first group, you can select various high-profile projects.For example, it is Wikileaks, which publishes materials, compromising the secret services of different countries.Site trying to block, shut down, but it continues to operate successfully.

Yet, speaking of popular resources to be blocked throughout the world, it should be noted, and the top Silk Road.The first is a system of transmission of encrypted data, and the second - a directory of narcotic drugs, which can be ordered from anywhere in the world.Turnover last estimated in the billions, and US intelligence agencies have been trying to clamp down on resource.At the top, in addition to drugs, and the prohibition pornography with children and animals.

For some countries, there are also "forbidden fruit."For example, China has blocked Google, as in North Korea - Wikipedia, Facebook and other major services.All this is doing is artificially governments with a view to limit the flow of information that comes to users from abroad.

overall picture lock bypass

So, to be clear as to remove the lock sites, consider the general principle of its actions and choices crawl.As mentioned above, ISP blocks or Ip, or DNS, or domain name (usually - the first).Blocking is that the user's computer just can not connect to the computer site (that is, the server on which the Internet resource).However, such a ban is a direct connection, that is, for example, we can not go at the same time we can go to any other server with which the lock has to visit the search engine will be charged.This means that we will do a limited connection and visit the Google «bypassing".In fact, on the same principle operates any lock sites.How to get around it in practice - read on.The essence of you, think of the catch.

use the anonymizer

now begin to dismantle the tools that will help to Bypass Internet resources in more detail.This will be the answer to the question on how to bypass a blocked site provider.Let's start with anonymizers - so called services to help hide your Internet traffic, encrypt it.They will help us and other sites around the block, since traffic is passed through the anonymizer can not be tracked by the ISP, and then - you can safely go to whatever resource.The beauty of such services is that you can choose how to get around blocking sites: Chrome-apply the addition (to establish a special Add-on for the browser), or just go to the pages through anonymizer sites.The first option, of course, more convenient, but the second is much faster.Among the most popular services anonymizer can be distinguished: Hidemyass, Anonymouse, ShadowSurf, ProxyWeb, PageWash and others.They work quite simple: the site interface is presented in a string that you want to fill in the address of a resource on which you want to get there.Later this resource opens in a window and thus circumvent the ban your ISP to visit him (as in fact you are not, go to a restricted website, and Hidemyass, Anonymouse and so on).The scheme is very simple, but effective.Moreover, the use of most of these services on a primitive level free, which is why the need to invest if you want to know how to bypass a blocked site "Roskomnadzor" for example, is not necessary.

Proxy as an effective tool bypass

Another way to circumvent the ban on visiting the site - a proxy server.From myself proxy-server is a channel that can redirect the user to any final destination.In fact, it is a computer located somewhere in the other country through which you can go to any service, website and so on.At the same time, you will be assigned an IP and will not be afraid of blocking sites.How to bypass it with a proxy server?It is easy - just use a special program to change the address if you have a lot of them;or it is necessary to register the proxy address (URL server and its port) in his browser settings.

lists are available for the use of proxy servers can be found at, and others.In addition to the free list, there are those, access to which is opened for a certain amount.At the same time these lists are used, as a rule, professional programmers and hackers.For home use you fit, most likely, and free proxy lists.

VPN - encrypting "in full»

Another technology in order to bypass the lock sites ("Rostelecom" this or any other operator - does not matter), is a VPN.This tool is a "tunnel" encrypted between your computer and the destination server.The beauty of it is that all the data to be transmitted during your session will be encrypted, and intercept them technically no one can.This means not only complete anonymity of all your activities on the computer, but also the security of data transmission and, of course, the option of how to bypass a blocked site "Classmates" (and not only).

to use VPN on your computer will need to install client software.Also note that the server through which your data will be transmitted, do not work for free.For the use of VPN technology to pay 5 dollars a month, depending on the degree of protection.And, of course, the question: "How to bypass a blocked site administrator?" This approach can not be, because your network administrator is likely to notice the installation of software necessary to encrypt the data.But on a home computer, you can enjoy complete freedom of action.

Among the most popular services that provide services VPN-encryption, highlight:,,,, and others.The difference between them lies in the geographical location of the servers, and the final cost of services and depth of data encryption.The more servers will be involved in the scheme works, the greater the likelihood that track where you go really is unreal.And to do this, most likely, no one will.

TOR - forget about blocking

another, more secret and complex in nature software, the program may be called TOR.In fact, if you remember about it we have already briefly mentioned earlier in this article, so now describe the principle of operation in detail.

application consists of multiple personal computers connected in a network.Information is transmitted between the Special encrypted channels that are constantly changing, which is why it is impossible to keep track of them.In addition, changes in the TOR the sheer number of participants, which is why she is a real "headache" for special services.Repeatedly tried to roll it, and drown out some other way to eliminate.However, TOR alive.

As already noted, the system operates a market of narcotic drugs that can be ordered and sell using encrypted communication channels.In addition, the TOR has a gigantic catalog of pornography, mostly forbidden nature, placement of which is not allowed in the "normal" Internet in a simple hosting.Due to this, in the TOR connects more people and control services only shrug.To us, this program can be useful in the event that we do not know how to bypass a blocked site "VKontakte" and other banned by any administrative body.In addition, the program that you will be available any resource from whatever country in the world, you will also be able to remain anonymous using it.So worry about any prosecution for a violation of the ban will not be - no one is simply not able to keep track of your computer.

little morality

As you can see, in this article we have painted several ways that a lock sites, how to get around it and to make sure that nobody will in no way suspicious.Perhaps some users described instructions may seem somewhat complicated and inaccessible, but it is not.Each of the tools in this paper can use the one who owns a personal computer at a basic level.Any special knowledge to the program for blocking sites does not allow you to visit a particular resource is usually not required.

However, it is understood that we do not call to violate the legislation.All materials are provided here solely for information.After all, if a website was banned to visit and locked by your provider, this means that it is not recommended to go, it contains materials, including which can harm you.This raises the question: "Do you need to bypass the blocking of the site?"

one thing when a blocked undesirable regimes in the State informational resource that you are interested purely for reference;and more when users are browsing pirated movies (though so do everything), bought drugs or distribute them, buying weapons or viewing pornography.Speaking of the latter, that such prohibitions, on the contrary, to protect some users (eg children) of such material, which is a clear advantage.Of course, in that case measures have been taken providers worldwide, can be called positive.

In addition, some services can be used not only to unlock resources, but also to protect your data, including - personal, whereabouts.