How to convert GPT to MBR-section?

order for the program to have access to the storage disk space is not enough simply to physically connect it to the motherboard.It is imperative that you have completed the so-called breakdown and the creation of a specific structure of the surface.Currently, there are two available standard (hereinafter, will be discussed on the systems of family Windows) - Master Boot Record (MBR, MBR) and Extensible Firmware Interface (GPT, extensible firmware interface).Whatever the name, they define the way information is stored, the data about the beginning and end of each section, service record and so forth.

Comparing the "bosom enemies»

Standard MBR used since the days of DOS, so studied far and wide.Working with drives that have a similar format, may all the existing applications, ie, compatibility is 100%.The prerequisites for the creation of something new were the some of the limitations inherent in it MBR.In particular:

- can work with the storage capacity of not more than 2 TB;

- when broken down, you can create only 4 main / primary partitions, and all the rest of the space has to be given an extended and logical disks;

- because information about partitions and boot record stored in one place, in some cases, can be damaged on the need to restore.

All this was successfully overcome in the GPT.In addition, the developers provided a mechanism to effortlessly convert GPT to MBR and vice versa.Theoretically, this problem can be solved in a couple of clicks of the manipulator.However, in practice there are a number of nuances that lead to think carefully about the feasibility of the solutions.Before figuring out how to convert a partition MBR to GPT and vice versa, it is important to remember that in order to ensure the efficiency of the latest version of the partition table needs support from other components of a computer system.So, instead of BIOS must use the newer UEFI (ie, fit only new motherboards), and the operating system simply must be able to work with such a breakdown.If we talk about the family of Windows, it is a 64-bit version of the eighth.Preceding the Win 7 and Vista though and see these discs, but the full support of not talking.

need to transform

Each user has their own reasons, forcing the drive to convert to a particular structure.The question of "how to convert MBR to GPT» most interested curious users who, after reading the information on the alleged improved performance of the new system, decide to like.Perhaps this is the most common cause.

But those who are interested in how to convert GPT to MBR, - is, as a rule, the owners of the new notebooks have decided that in their case a forced move is untimely.It is worth noting that to do "little blood" and GPT-disk to convert to MBR with the preservation of all recorded data on it is not always possible.Therefore, before this whole operation information of any value to the user, it is necessary to copy to another intermediate carrier.

Installing the operating system

If you try to install 32-bit operating system in the GPT-section, the message will appear on the impossibility of such an operation.To bypass this limitation is not possible.Hence, it is necessary to convert the GPT-drive in the MBR.This problem can be solved in several ways.One of the easiest is to use the built-in capabilities of the system Windows.

There are two options.The first - to convert the new drive during installation of OSes.To do this during the installation on the partition selection screen you have to press a combination of Shift + F10 and then in the prompt, type diskpart.Further, in order to convert a GPT-drive in an MBR, you should use the command list disk.A list of partitions, and carriers.Having carefully considered it necessary to specify the select disk X (where X - number in the list).It then remains to delete partitions and recreate the structure of alternately using the clean command and convert mbr.Actually, on new computers, hard drives are not "cluttered" information is very easy to become uproarious how to convert GPT to MBR, since it is possible to experiment with peace of mind, "break" anything in this way will not succeed.

Built-in command line

In some cases, you must perform a partial conversion of the GPT partition in the MBR.For example, if the motherboard (laptop) at the same time connected to multiple hard drives, one of which is installed and running Windows operating systems versions of Vista-8.1, the user has the ability to convert a non-system disk in either structure.This method is ideal for those looking for an answer to the question "how to convert GPT to MBR», having the number of hard drives.This mechanism is an analog vasheukazannogo, with the only difference that requires running OSes.That is why we stressed that the conversion is available only as hard drives, from which there is no loading of the operating system.So, the desktop need to press Win + R and display the prompt, type diskmgmt.msc.Run the utility to manage all disks.Here, using the cursor to choose the desired partition on the drive and through the right-click menu choose "Delete Volume."The operation should be carried out for each letter.It is important not to be mistaken with the disc, so you need to check a minimum of capacity.Next is how to convert GPT to MBR, is no big deal: you must press the right button on the selected hard drive in the list and select the appropriate command that translates into a disk broken MBR.

Nuances of using third-party programs

Of course, the above method of converting a GPT partition in the MBR is not exhausted.There is much more "flexible" and user-friendly software tools.For example, the same Acronis DD, Paragon HDM, Minitool PW and so on. Working with them is the need to boot the operating system to another hard drive, so-called "Liv CD-DVD", prepared or flash drives, which have the appropriate program.Since most of the need to convert basic GPT to MBR arises from the owners of new laptops, the demand is Live DVD.It is necessary to first on a different computer to download the ISO image from the Internet and burn it to a CD, making it bootable.Then on the laptop you need to boot from the Live DVD, start the program for working with and performing a conversion.Generally, these drives are often very useful if, for example, need to "cure" your computer from viruses or retrieve information.

USB flash drive or a disk image downloaded

"Liv DVD / CD" may be recorded not only on CD.The cost of the USB flash drives are constantly dropping, so it is possible to consider purchasing a small amount of low-cost models, designed specifically for emergency or reducing load.Burn the ISO file and make the flash drive bootable, you can with the help of the program Rufus.After starting the need to select the device and click on the icon with the CD-ROM, open Explorer to specify the location of the ISO.Additional changes are necessary.It is necessary to press the "Start" and wait for the completion of the stick.

How to boot from a prepared media

If "Liv DVD" was recorded correctly, then you need to insert it into the drive and immediately after turning on the computer frequently to press F12, which leads to the display of the source selection menu download.Sometimes, this feature can be assigned to F8.Typically, the screen always appears on the tip of the "hot" keys.Ideal - to open the instructions to the board.Also, you can select the source download in the BIOS (UEFI).To do this, after the power supply to press Delete, and then find the item in the settings, allowing you to select First Boot Device (primary or first boot device).No matter what kind of method is used, select the CDROM or USB-Flash (if the drive is used instead of a flash card).

famous Paragon

People who happened to partition disks at a time when the 40 GB hard drive seemed enormous, probably familiar with the program Paragon Partition Magic.Its capabilities allow "get up" with the store a lot.Since then much has changed, and the application evolved into Paragon Hard Disc Manager (PHDM).And not at the expense of functionality.With it you can easily convert GPT to MBR.Paragon performs this operation so that all the data on your drive remains intact.Great opportunity!Nevertheless, it is recommended to avoid the possibility of converting and stake to the ground.This ancient rule is true today.So, after running an application bar appears on the disks.Trust and is called - "basic GPT», the model is usually unknown.Select this line cursor, you need to the menu "Hard Drive" select "Convert to MBR».Then in the top left corner, press the green check mark to start the process.There will also be displayed until the end of time.The data is stored.Note that some combinations of "Drive + motherboard configuration" use Paragon for solving this problem is impossible.It is also necessary to consider that PHDM version 15 as of this writing will cost almost 3 thousand. Rub.

«Immortal" analogue

still tense debate about which is better - "Paragon" or his twin brother 'Acronis'.Both programs have similar features, so which one to use depends on the preferences of the owner of the computer.However, this is true only in the case of the use of the test period or "pirated" copies.The licensed version of the same "Acronis 12" costs 1600 rubles.With this program you can easily convert GPT to MBR.Acronis Disc Director, as well as Paragon, performs conversion without deleting user data from your hard drive.After starting in the window displaying the detected drives.Seeking will be labeled as "basic GPT».It is necessary to click on it with the right mouse button and select, after the conversion process is started in the MBR.That is so simple.Basically, the algorithm is almost the same action as for Paragon.

free alternative

Excellent analogue aforementioned programs - is MiniTool Partition Wizard Professional.Although the ninth version costs about $ 40, it is now possible for the action to get free.We are not going to compare the functionality of the applications, as described by a task - converting GPT to MBR - they do an excellent job.After the appearance of the main window you need to select the GPT disk and perform a conversion from the menu.


Prerequisite disk usage GPT is broken system UEFI (evolutionary development of the BIOS).By default, its settings are made for the disk to GPT.To convert to MBR is successful, you need to go to the settings UEFI (button Delete), select the section Boot, and subparagraph expose Mode Mode Legacy.You also need to prohibit the use of Security Boot.