According to the Einstein gravitsapu

recently spread through the Internet wave of hype around the device, which is dubbed - gravitsapu.The device was tested on the space station.It suggests the possibility of propulsion without mass ejections.As far as I found out on the Internet principle of the device, the meaning is the use of a phase transition of the working fluid liquid-gas.One way operating body moves as a fluid to the other side in the form of gas.Thus was supposed to receive uncompensated impulse, but I do not know, a few need not know the chemistry, so as not to understand that the amount of the transmitted material in a straight line and the opposite side of the same, and a lot of this stuff carries the same, so what's the differencein which the phase state of the substance in one time or another.So initially the essence and the principle of this engine have been doomed to failure.But it may be possible gravitsapu?What do you need?

Everything is enclosed in the ratio between the amount of matter and its mass.If this ratio is able to change, that is, if a certain number of substances it would be possible to increase the mass, when it moves in one direction, and reduce it when driving in the opposite direction, thereby closing the motion of matter in a certain cycle does not affect the amount of the substancethen managed to get uncompensated pulse.

Think, so you always the ratio between the amount of matter and its mass?The rest - yes!But if the body to disperse up to speeds close to the speed of light, discovered the effect of Einstein - weight gain.And discovered the Lorentz contraction - shortening of the body in the direction of its movement, which will also increase the weight of the unit amount of substance.That is still possible to force the unit amount of substance to have different masses at different speeds.But how to tighten the working fluid in the cycle, and to achieve this order in one direction is moved at a speed greater than the extent of its movement in the opposite direction to the Einstein become noticeable in this device?

offer the following variant of the device of such an engine.Let your imagination because this site can not put a figure.Imagine a torus, is very voluminous, so that its inner bore very little, let a few millimeters.Although the pipe diameter of the torus, say, two meters.That is the overall size of the donut will be somewhere 4 meters.Let's confine it in a sphere with a diameter of 8 meters.As you know, here are the dimensions of probation, to understand the general principle of operation of this device.Thus, located exactly in the center of the sphere torus associate with the sphere wall around the perimeter of the torus, it turns out that associate with the "equator" of the sphere.Here is a common device.What to do next?In the continuous wall that will divide the sphere into two cavities everywhere, except for a small hole in the center of the torus, post transfer pumps.Their rol- pump working fluid - fluid from one chamber to another.Then, on the principle of incompressible liquid will rush into the narrow opening of the torus, returning to the original cavity.It is understood that the ratio of the velocity of the liquid in the center of the torus, and in the area of ​​pumps is huge, equal to the ratio of the square hole of the torus and the area partition with pumps.The more we take the ratio of these areas, the greater the speed ratio can achieve.The task - to achieve the speed ratio to the Einstein manifested itself most fully.Of course, disturbing here is great resistance to the fluid as it moves at high speeds.And the possible effect of the sudden expansion of cavitation flow, so the device will have to create a large positive pressure throughout the system to counteract cavitation.What kind of fluid is suitable for the role of the working of the body?Perhaps the idea of ​​this engine would be completely utopian, if not the phenomenon of superfluidity, well researched by Academician PLKapitsa.The use of liquid helium in the engine to get closer to the practical use parameters.If you use this principle when designing the engine space, and the interstellar flights, deep space, as it will be an opportunity for us, if at that time did not invent the techniques of motion in the subspace ...