For information on how to disable the touchpad on the Asus

Now we will discuss how to disable the touchpad on the Asus.This technical device is certainly useful, but in the presence of a traditional mouse the user can sometimes require rejection of the duplication of functions of management.Then the question arises, whose decisions about the options we now talk.

Why a touchpad

touchpad - a special touch panel for controlling laptop without auxiliary devices such as a mouse.This device is, say, an amateur: some adapts deftly move the fingers and someone touchpad just annoying because it often hurts when printing palms, and eventually dumped the desired settings.In addition, laptops today are increasingly used instead of desktop computers that do not need the touchpad.Below, we will look in detail how to disable the touchpad on the Asus.

Unprofessional ways to disable the touchpad

  • easiest way for those who fundamentally does not want to delve into the intricacies of the device and search for different instructions - one of the touchpad to close unneeded
    plastic cards and secure it with tape.However, the touchpad buttons do not close the card, and they will still be uncomfortable at work.
  • second way to disable the touchpad on the Asus: put the cursor anywhere on the text and move the mouse so that the arrow was in the very bottom right corner.He, too, is not reliable, as the mouse is easy to hurt the hand and move.

standard ways to disable the touchpad

  • Many laptops have a touchpad near the special button off - struck-through with a square or rectangle concerning his hand.
  • also to disable the touch pad there is a formal combination of the so-called "hot keys".In this article, we are interested in touchpad Asus, for which a key combination Fn + F9.This combination is necessary to remember.
  • How to disable the touchpad on the Asus laptop, if the user is unfamiliar with "hot keys"?Hit the "Start", then - "Control Panel", then "Devices and Printers", open the tab "Mouse", it contains a bookmark touchpad drivers and put a tick where it says "Turn off when connecting external USB-mouse."

If none when you hotkey or the detailed study of the tab "Mouse" nothing happened, then you have, for whatever reasons, do not set the touchpad driver.The Asus notebooks use touchscreens Elantech.To download the correct driver, you need to go to the official website of Asus, choose the model of the laptop, the touchpad and the operating system.

professional way to disable the touchpad

If you are an advanced user, and you know what the BIOS, one can safely disable the touchpad through this program.The operation is carried out under Internal Pointing Device: select the appropriate value, and more a question of how to disable the touchpad on the Asus, you never worried.

can simply disconnect the cable from the touchpad, removing the top panel.But firstly, this method to experts familiar with the interior of the notebook.Second, before you perform the operation, you are sure that the touchpad you will never need.

the above methods is usually enough to cope with this unpleasant problem.But if all the same after reading this article the question of how to disable the touchpad on the Asus remained unresolved, consult a specialist.Perhaps your product is faulty or there was a failure of the program.