What is the best cheese pizza?

Pizza for many years, is one of the favorite dishes of the Russians.Someone found a favorite pizzeria, which serves as he likes.Someone is satisfied "fastfudnym" option, warmed up in the microwave.But many happy cook this dish for yourself by experimenting with a variety of fillings and recipes for the dough.And for those cooks perfectly natural question is, in fact, a better cheese pizza.

Pizza as a gastronomic work of art

Italians have opened around the world taste the subtleties of the dish, saying that the key to success - the correct and correctly selected dough cheese.Last should not be too bright, outstanding taste, so as not to overshadow the other ingredients.But it should not be totally insipid, in order to make the finished product its touch.And, of course, the best cheese pizza - which stretches, that is well melted, but it does not spread.Whoever adds an Italian masterpiece of processed cheese, is fundamentally wrong.

Classic: never let you down!

Ā«Hosts" recipe rarely think over what is best for the cheese pizza.Of course, mozzarella!It successfully combines the softness and elasticity, there are no spices, which can not be combined with other components, and while he still has a distinctive taste, which is why it is difficult to mix with other types of cheeses.Furthermore, melted mozzarella for thin browning which does not become "rubber" even when the pizza cools.To all the advantages of mozzarella, it is also useful as calcium and protein contained in it, it is easily digested and will not be superfluous in the body.

However, every prescription tend to evolve and be complemented with time.Italians - not the Conservatives.They are now several varieties of cheese, suitable for pizza: mozzarella, along with frequently used and Gorgonzola cheese.

Innovations France

Pizza, triumphantly traveling the cities and villages, enriched with new flavors inherent cuisines of other food traditions.So, the French believe that the best cheese pizza - it brie.No less popular in the country to prepare Italian dishes and Roquefort.It is worth noting that both cheese - Musty, only the first is made from cow's, and the second - from sheep milk.If you decide to try the French version of pizza with brie, try to find a fresh cheese - in a mature state, it becomes a little harder (ie worse spreads) and acquires a pungent flavor that is not suitable for all fillings.

Alpine fantasy

And what better pizza cheese according to the Swiss?Of course, the Emmental.The people of this country are actively using it in the preparation of the Fund and the same grade as they consider indispensable for pizza.The Italians, however, have their doubts: Emmental still belongs to hard cheese, that is, its crust hardens and is formed with great difficulty.In addition, Emmental has a pronounced spicy aroma and no less bright taste, so not combined with all products.For example, in salami pizza is no longer necessary - sausage and cheese would be "in conflict".

Russian contribution to the Italian dish

Russians, too, have contributed to the modification of a favorite dish.Adygei cheese was the perfect replacement mozzarella.Of course, he had a few curdled structure, but it melts well, and gives the finished pizza is thin and distinctive taste.

There is another opinion about what kind of cheese for pizza.Ironically, the most common and familiar to us - the Russian.It is quite soft, good melted, forming a golden brown.The main requirement of Italy - lack of self-sharp taste - too well sustained.

Expert opinion: ten best

About mozzarella it was already.In the second place put Parmesan gourmets: it Picante nutty flavor in the dish, besides a small consumption.It is perfect for Italian pasta.On the question of what is best for the cheese pizza, views, of course, vary, but if you love the exotic, third and fourth paragraphs - your: cheeses also very good for this dish.Among them are harmonious with blue cheese and brie already mentioned.In fifth place - Camembert, especially bundled with brie.Sixth takes feta.When using it is worth considering that it is already salted, so that the seasoning should be used with caution.The seventh point - the amateur and experimenter relates to solid cheddar cheese, moreover, it is very sharp.The same applies to the eighth position in the top list - Ricotta.First of all, the cheese curd, so that it has no melting hot.We would rather say that it is appropriate in the lasagna.But the taste neutral, which allows you to "play" with options for toppings.On the penultimate spot - goat cheese, mascarpone and completes the list.

All these cheeses are widely known, and good shops are available for tasting.So if you are not sure, you can try and decide whether you fit this particular product.

Cheese subtleties

Depending on what kind of cheese for pizza you choose, keep in mind when preparing its features.Thus, the blue mold must be stored in the freezer - in the form of its uncooled rub impossible.Bree trying to rub at all meaningless, so it should just crumble.If the choice is made in favor of the Parmesan, take a very fine grater, which exists in the house.

And whatever may come cheese you like, buy it together with a small piece of mozzarella.If it, in large shabby, finish the pizza, the taste will be more rich, open all the shades of any other selected cheese and the crust will turn out soft and dense.

If several cheeses

Among all pizza recipes stand out are those that involve the use of several types of cheese.It would be easy - rubbed a little of that, a little bit different - and the dish is ready!However, there are some tricks.For example, in any case can not be combined cheese and goat.Conflict tastes so strong that it would have simply impossible.

If you want to try to clean the cheese pizza, stop to start on proven combinations.And when the catch, the secret will be to write your own "bouquets".

fine maneuvering is Brie (thin, almost transparent slices), something moldy, cheese (finely grate) and mozzarella (coarsely grate or cut into strips).

A successful is a combination of a gun (and it's not a weapon, and the name of the cheese!), Camembert (and that, and another cut pieces) and mozzarella (as always, coarsely grated).

Bree blends well with the classic Emmentaler and mozzarella.The first cheese again finely chopped, the last two - rub.It is the combination of the most dim to taste, so go very well with a fragrant spicy stuffing.

goat cheese lovers can combine it with Conti (both ingredients are cut pieces), grated parmesan and mozzarella.It was very rich dish with a very unusual and mature taste.

As you have seen, cheeses must be able to combine with each other, and even to calculate, in what form (grated finely or coarsely, chopped or crumbled) send in pizza.Do you want to - experiment!And no - pizza with the usual Russian cheese very bad.Recipe allows a huge amount of other fillers.So choose your option.