How to cook steamed rice.

In the store you can get confused by the variety of the goods.Even a familiar figure to us is different: polished, steamed, wild.When buying a new grade for themselves, housewives think, how to cook the cereal so it turned out crumbly and delicious, because rice is not only an excellent side dish to meat or fish, but also suitable for salads, snacks and pilaf.

Product Features

As the name suggests, this species of cereal is the process of heat treatment with steam prior to grinding.This procedure allows you to save a lot more nutrients, trace elements and vitamins, because they are under the influence of the transition temperature of the membrane to the nucleus.Corn for taking this extra-long, dry product changes color from white to golden, translucent, but after cooking processed cereal indistinguishable from normal.Steamed rice started more than 50 years ago, the US military to facilitate the process of cooking.Another advantage of heat treatment - cooking garnish turns crumbly grains do not crumble, and these properties are retained even after a few warm-up.

How to cook steamed rice

Connoisseurs of a healthy lifestyle, proper nutrition supporters, and all fans of tasty meal should pay attention to this type of rice.To make it tasty and krupitchatym, we give a few recipes.Of these, even the novice host or hostess will understand how to cook steamed rice crisp.The most important rule - do not invest time and thoroughly rinse the grain in several approaches until the water after rinsing will remain transparent.Observe the proportions: 1 cup of dry rice in 2 cups of water.Fig lay washed in boiling salted water, seasonings at this time is not added.Then Bates fire pan covered with a lid and during cooking do not raise it.

How to cook steamed rice?The above amount will be ready in 12 minutes after boiling.The same amount of time should be given to rice brew under the lid closed, removing it from the stove.Only after that should be added to a dish butter and spices.

Other options cooked in a pot

above were given standard rules, after learning that easy to answer the question of how to cook steamed rice.Now let other recipes of its preparation:

  • washed rice poured with cold water and leave for 1 hour.Then add a little water and simmer for 5-7 minutes.During cooking, the dish is not stirred.
  • Parboiled rice was washed and soaked in water for 15 minutes.Recline on the screen and wait for a complete draining of water.Preheat a frying pan, pour into it the prepared pic.Stir it, without removing from the heat until all the moisture has evaporated.Pre-boiled vegetable soup, take out the vegetables and lay the dried cereal.When the broth boils, Bates fire and cook, covered for 10 minutes.
  • How to cook steamed rice "in the army": washed up clear water, fill up to the boiling liquid and wait for boiling.At this point, the contents of the pan recline on a sieve and washed with clean running water.Then put the rice in cold water, put on fire and cook until done, without interfering.

should also be noted that the dishes (usually casserole and sometimes pan) for cooking must have a thick bottom to cereal is not burnt.

method of cooking multivarka

Many owners have their own kitchen equipped with useful and convenient tool, which allows to minimize the time spent at the stove.This miracle saucepan and cook, and extinguishes, and bake (depending on the built-in functions).How to cook steamed rice in multivarka?The standard way: use "pilaf", and then replace it with the "heating".The proportion of cereals to water is changed to 1: 3, and the number of loading and cooking time depends on the capacity of the cup, it should be studied for this testing instructions.Steamed barley washed and soaked for an hour, then shift to multivarku, topped up with water, and set the desired mode.10 minutes before end of cooking switch function.With this device you can experiment with using the "Buckwheat" that is suitable for cooking rice rolls and sushi, or "Milk porridge."

Cook in a double boiler

How to cook long grain parboiled rice?If you have a double boiler, then cook it.It will retain all the nutrients the product in question.Figure washed several times with water until clear.After that, you can soak it in hot liquid for half an hour, it will keep all nutritious grains.Then rump throws in a sieve and allow water to drain about 15-20 minutes.For 1 cup of rice take 1.5-2 cups of water, the output will turn 3 cups crisp garnish.It is desirable cooked rice once served.To the dish was the air and do not stick together in the process of preparing it sprinkled with lemon juice or add a little oil or butter.Figure lay in a special container for cooking cereals, water poured into the same direction.If the cooking time of porridge is not automatically detected, the timer is put up for 30 minutes.

possibilities microwave

Almost all holders only microwaves heat the food in them, forgetting that it is also a multifunctional device.It is also possible to bake, cook and bake different dishes.Figure no exception, any sort it is easy to prepare in a microwave oven.Grain washed until the water is clear.Then, shift it into a glass container that is suitable for microwave ovens, and it should occupy no more than half the volume, because the final product would be 2 times more.Pour grits with water, cover with the lid and set the refractory cooking time 15 minutes.After graduating from the program left the dish in the microwave for another of the same period - so figure becomes softer and softer.You need only remove the container with tacks.Then garnish stirring a wooden spatula or spoon and add butter.

Now you know how to cook steamed rice, and will easily be able to please yourself and loved ones a delicious, aromatic and healthy meals!