How to draw a kitty pencil (for beginners)

Perhaps no man in the world who would not like kittens.No one can resist those cute fluffy lumps.In order to raise someone from friends, family or loved ones mood, you just need to give them a small home-made card with little kitten.

«How to draw a kitten if I previously did not draw?" - You ask.Very simple!To do this, just a little time, a pencil and a desire to paint.

need for drawing paper, a couple of pencil (hard and soft), eraser, stationery knife (to sharpen pencils), a thin black marker or gel pen (contour), crayons or markers (if you want to paint the picture).

But most importantly, to learn how to draw a kitten, you need a good mood.Then everything will turn out, you will have a great time and will please your loved ones.

When you have gathered, prepared and tuned in to the drawing, you can start.So are you ready to learn how to draw a kitten in stages.

1) First draw two ovals as shown in the picture.The upper, more rounded, - is the future head of a kitten, and the bottom - his body.D

raw a line around the center of the upper bout.With it, we can draw a kitten's eyes at the same level.

2) The upper oval bottom draw fluffy cheeks, and above - a kind of "hair" disheveled hair.Near the "haircuts" draw a triangle-kitten ears.

3) ends to draw the ears.At this stage, you need to draw the eye.Keep the eyes to comfortably over the line you spent on the first stage.One eye will be slightly smaller than the other, because the cat turned his head slightly to the side.This situation is called a semi-profile.

4) Draw a kitten chest and outline the front foot.To show that the hair really soft and fluffy, draw it zigzags.

5) Finish paint forelegs.

6) Draw back the kitten and one hind paw.The second is the back foot for a kitten, so it is not visible in the picture.

7) Draw a large bushy tail.At the same time use the advice from the fourth stage.

8) Drawing pencil ready.Now that you know how to draw a pencil kittens, you can do several images.In the meantime, the resulting circle drawing marker pen or gel.Be very attentive and careful at this stage!

9) If you wish, you can paint a kitten with a pencil or felt-tip pens.You can also experiment and try to paint a kitten colors.It is better to choose the gouache, as it lays down very well and dries quickly.

finished drawing can be placed in the frame, cut and paste, or send a postcard to a friend by correspondence.This guide will be very interesting for children, how to draw a kitten is very easy and fun.Children will spend time with benefits as painting - one of the most exciting ways.