Intimate life after caesarean

childbirth puts women's lives at an important new level by bringing a lot of joy and at the same time being stressful for the whole of her body.During the postpartum recovery should not forget also about sex.

For some women, this need is not urgent, and the moment they lay postpartum vicinity.For some, the first contact after birth is associated with discomfort and pain, while others, on the contrary, can not wait to find themselves in the arms of her husband.

There are many factors, which are focusing on doctors recommend or not recommend starting sex after cesarean.For example, the risk of postpartum hemorrhage and infection can not afford to feel the heat close as early as you want it.

When there comes the best time to start a sexual relationship after cesarean section?According to doctors, it is better to do it after 4-8 weeks.Then delayed wound, formed in your uterus when the placenta.While some experts are allowed to sex when you do feel the need for it.But it's better to wait until the release of lochia stop.

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first time after birth, you may be surprised by a painful sensations that arise in the vicinity.This is an absolutely normal phenomenon associated with "hardening" of the connective tissue, ligaments and muscles that were previously quite stretched.Pain may haunt you even after the expiration of 3 months after cesarean.What to do?The recipe is quite simple.Try not to rush, proceed carefully, listen to what your body tells you, and do not forget to consult your gynecologist.Everything will soon be back to normal.

If physically woman after cesarean feels ready for sexual relationships, it is psychologically still may not be so simple.Some systems may develop on the left after the operation scar.If you are concerned it is, do not despair: pale scar over time and will be hard to discern.For your loving wife of this little feature does not eclipse your sexual attractiveness.Especially if you are in front of an intimate encounter young women resort to tricks and choose the clothes, soft hide the following operations and favorably emphasize your strengths.

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