Admirer and Transgender: what is this thing what is their impact on the identity of the person?

called transgender expression in human mismatch gender (psychological) and de facto (physiological) floors.Physical affiliation is determined by the primary sexual characteristics.

term "transgenderĀ»

What does it mean?This is the general definition for people whose behavior manner of expression does not match the genetic type.Gender is a floor, which associates itself with the subject.Gender of a person depends on his internal sense of yourself as a man or a woman.At the same time the identity of the person is manifested in behavior, hair, clothing, voice and gestures.However, the discrepancy between the appearance and behavior of sex does not necessarily mean that a person - a transgender.What does this statement mean?Some people experiment with their appearance, creating a rather shocking images with the help of clothes of the opposite sex, but such behavior does not change their perception of its physiological origin.The generally accepted definition of reduction of "transgender" is the term "trans".Each representative following the specified groups - transsexuals, transvestites, crossdressers, transvestites and others - can be attributed to such a notion as a transgender.What does this mean for public opinion in most cases?These are people with gay.However, sexual orientation and gender identity are not interchangeable concepts.As ordinary people, transgender people may be gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, or straight.

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term "admirerĀ»

Admirer - is an individual who feels a persistent attraction to transgender representatives over the long term.More often than not such attraction occurs on the grounds of sexual desire.Admirerstvu exposed not only transsexuals, but also genetic male and female.

transgenderstva Impact on personality and admirerstva

trans people, a sense of psychological belonging to the opposite gender, often experience dissatisfaction with their physiological membership and wish to change it.To do this, they are trying to visually transform, at least temporarily, by changing or permanently change their sexual identity through surgery and related treatment.

Admirery feel a certain dissatisfaction with sexual and emotional relationships with common partners, non-transgender tendencies.Psychological discomfort in this case is not linked to physiological disorders.

Admirery and transgender people in the understanding of the majority of society - a mental disorder.However, such person is not added to people with mental disorders.The disease is recorded only when the psychological condition causes disability and distress.Most of these individuals suffer because of their rejection of society, open or disguised discrimination or open attack individuals.As a consequence, transgender people prone to depression and anxiety much more than ordinary people.