The largest penis in the world ^ male champions

Many men like to boast of its size.The vast majority of wishful thinking, but some can boast a really impressive "devices."But the stories of the stories, but the actual records sometimes staggering.So, we present you the biggest penis in the world!

three leaders on

American writer, showman and actor from New York Jonah Falcon holds perhaps the most interesting records in the world - it has the largest penis in the world.The size of the penis this gentleman reaches 34 cm. In fact, the size of the "little friend" Jonah is so great that he can wrap it several times around his hand.

not known whether there is a more reasonable explanation for this other than the infamous passions of Americans to large size, but the owner of the second largest member of the world is also a native of America.Mr. Dan prefers to hide his name from the general public.The size of his penis is 28 cm.

Omar Williams from Nottingham (United Kingdom) took the third place in the ranking with 25.5 cm. It is not only the owner of the famous manhood, but good "entrepreneur" - Mr. Williams very well earn, acting in adult films.


Contrary to popular belief, the biggest penis in the world - it is not always a reason for pride.For example, the leader of the list Jonah was detained at the airport in San Francisco for smuggling.Pogranichnikov interested him enormously large.First, the poor man was sent to the scanner, and then completely searched.Jonah is a law-abiding citizen and deny the officers did not.Later, in social networks, he said that customs officers literally could not believe their eyes constantly asking whether it is not a tumor, he is not sick.

Strangely, Mr. Falcon was not going to sue the customs.According to him, they were no less confused him.After this incident, he said ironically that in just two hours the truth was established, and he was released.

In 1999, about Falcon made a documentary film.Known far beyond the American television channel HBO said that was found the biggest penis in the world.Mr. Falcon devoted an entire page in Wikipedia.Not surprisingly, since the presenter and actor simply overwhelmed with great offers from Porno studio around the world.However, we must pay tribute to Jonah - he was not looking for easy ways.Man is fundamentally agrees to star in adult films, because it believes that this in no way will help him grow as an actor and as a person.

unrecognized leaders

There are many medical records of men competing for the biggest penis in the world.The trouble is that the vast majority of these people are tired of excessive attention and try not to go into the light.

Russian journalist Melor Stur claims that the world's largest member belongs to Ron Jeremy, with whom he worked in the seventies.The size of his penis was about 49 cm. The very famous actor claims that the mark of 23 cm of his penis is not overcome.In any case, Ron Jeremy got into the Guinness Book of Records for allegedly not a big dick, and for greater stamina - the man on the confirmed data starred in 1750 "adult" films.

Some statistics

The vast majority of experts believe that only one person in a million is the owner of the penis length of 30 cm. Thus, having simple mathematical calculations, we can confidently say that no more than a thousand people have a penis, the actual length is greater than30 cm.