How to protect against manipulation?

So, get to the core of the interlocutor, who resort to dishonest techniques that we need to take any action to protect.This article focuses on passive methods of protection from manipulation.If we do not know how to deal with this situation in a conversation, or do not want to rush into making a decision, come to the aid of passive methods.The most interesting, in my opinion, how to protect against manipulation are listed below.

1. Departing from the conversation.

easiest way.Two variants of the further development of communication.Either you gradually change the subject, or interrupt the conversation abruptly.Although the latter option is more related to the active methods than to passive.

2. The method of "autopilot"

your interlocutor clearly describes what you give him something to be what you are doing is ugly and stuff like that.How to cope?Let them talk on autopilot!Responsible partner in conversation "empty" phrases in the spirit of "interesting", "I think," "Yeah."Arguments companion bounce like peas against the wall, causing no harm and arm starts to fall into confusion.

3. Increase the physical distance

Everything is simple: the greatest impact has manipulator, invading privacy zone.Increase the distance - reduces the effect.You can leave altogether.:)

4. Turn "internal editor"

appears that between you and the manipulator is a filter.And you decide that you will reach, and what not!Phrases emotions - all under your control!Let them to themselves only the information that is useful to you.

5. Hiding emotions

And finally, the most important way.And it is not the easiest.If you feel that you are emotionally crushed, you should try not to succumb to provocations and as far as possible to conceal their emotions.There are two ways: either pretend not to hear , or just ignore the arguments .

If you choose the second path, here are four simple pieces that will help you:

  • Just silently consider interlocutor.Do not say anything.From thirty seconds to tens of minutes: the situations are different.
  • Imagine interlocutor in comical situations and smile.:) It will confuse the manipulator and hide your emotions.
  • Call the tranquility .Inhale and exhale.If it is possible to prepare (for example, before the interview or talks), spend a short meditation.
  • Just tighten the answer. Do not say anything, and calmly look at the situation from the outside.

So, I spoke about the simplest way to protect, to help you carve out some time and once again thoroughly assess the difficult situation and the words of the manipulator.

success and productive communication!