Most interesting foreign names

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How many people, so many opinions.For this reason, it is impossible to say exactly how ugly and what beautiful foreign names.All of them contain certain information, translated into our language may indicate some sort of craft, names of plants, animals and birds belong to the geographical area.Each country has its euphonious names, so choose the best of them is necessary for each region separately.

What names can be called beautiful?

Most people take pride in the name of some sort, although there are those who are not averse to change it to a more harmonious.Each country has their names, but their origin is virtually identical.Personal name of the family received the name of its founder, his nickname, occupation, the presence of land, belonging to some kind of status.Also, quite often there are names of birds, animals and plants.However, the most beautiful foreign names we choose for their harmonious, but not within the meaning of the content that we have not always known.In some cases the name of the kind of starting to like, if the carrier is the idol of millions, historical person do for mankind something good and useful.

aristocratic families

noble family always sounded solemn, proud and pompous.Rich people are proud of their origins and of noble blood.Beautiful foreign names are mainly found in the offspring of noble families and here must enter the people who left a significant mark in the history of writers, artists, designers, composers, scientists, etc.Euphonious names of their birth, are often at the hearing, so people imbued with sympathy for them.

in England can be attributed to the beautiful names of graphs and rich noblemen: Bedford, Lincoln, Buckingham, Cornwall, Oxford, Wiltshire, Clifford Mortimer.Germany: Munchausen, Fritsch, Salm, Moltke, Rosen, Siemens, Isenburg, Stauffenberg.In Sweden: Fleming, Yullenborg, Kreutz, Horn, De la Gardie.In Italy: Barberini, Visconti, Borgia, Pepoli, Spoleto, the Medici.

surnames have occurred from the names of birds, animals, plants

From the world of flora and fauna come much euphonious names, causing tenderness.Their owners mostly are people who like certain animals, birds, plants, or were they similar in appearance or character.In Russia, a huge number of such examples: Zaitsev, Orlov, grapes, Lebedev, they have in other countries.For example, in England: Bush (bush), Bull (bull), Swan (Cygnus).

Beautiful foreign names are often formed in the name of the founder: Cecil, Anthony, Henry, Thomas, etc.A lot of names associated with a particular area, which have been linked founders: Ingleman, Germain, Pickard, Portwine, Kent, Cornwall, Westley.Of course, a huge group of family names are those that are associated with the professions and titles.Some names arise spontaneously.If people they cause positive associations, they can be attributed to a beautiful, harmonious and successful, in fact meet on clothes, so many good generic name helps to win over people during dating.

Spanish euphonious names

The Spanish family names are mainly double, they connect particles «y», «de», written with a hyphen or a space.The first is written the name of his father, and the other - the mother.It should be noted that the particle «de» indicates aristocratic founder.Spanish law provides for no more than two names, and not more than two names.Getting married, women usually leave their family names.

handsome male foreign names for the Spaniards are not uncommon.One of the most common is considered Fernandez, in her appeal is not inferior to Rodriguez, Gonzalez, Sanchez, Martinez, Perez - they all come from the names.By euphonious Spanish surname is also attributed Castillo, Alvarez, Garcia Flores Romero, Pascual Torres.


interesting names among the French names of genera uncommon beautiful names for girls.Foreign countries have got permanent names around the same time as Russia.In 1539 came the royal decree imposing an obligation on every Frenchman to get a personal name and pass it by inheritance to their descendants.The first names were aristocrats, they were passed from father to son before the release of the above-mentioned decree.

Today in France allowed a double family names, and parents can choose what name will carry the child - the mother or the father.The most beautiful and popular French name of birth: Robert, Perez, Blanc, Richard, Morel, Duval, Fabre, Garnier, Julien.

common German surname

Beautiful foreign names are found in Germany.In this country, they began to take shape in the Middle Ages.In those days people had nicknames, consisting of the birthplace of man and his origin.These names were given comprehensive information about their media.Often nicknames pointed to occupation of man, his physical defects or virtues, moral qualities.Here are the most popular German names: Schmidt (smith), Weber (weaver), Mueller (miller), Hoffmann (dvorovladelets), Richter (judge), Koenig (King), Kaiser (emperor), Herrmann (warrior), Vogel (Bird).

Italian surnames

first Italian names appeared in the XIV century and were distributed among the nobles.The need for them arose when there are many people with the same name, and in fact we had to somehow distinguish.The nickname was present information about the place of birth or residence rights.For example, the ancestor of the famous painter Leonardo da Vinci lived in the town of Vinci.Most of the Italian names were formed by the transformation of descriptive nicknames, and they end with a vowel sound.Some people believe that the most beautiful foreign names just in Italy, and it is difficult not to agree: Ramazzotti, Rodari, Albinoni, Celentano, Fellini, Dolce, Versace, Stradivari.

beautiful English names

All English family names can be divided into four groups: nominal, descriptive, professional job, place of residence.First names appeared in England in the XII century and was the privilege of the nobility, in the XVII century they already had everything.The most widespread group consists of genealogical names genera descended from personal names, or a combination of the names of both parents.As an example, the following: Allen, Henry, Thomas, Ritchie.Many present surname prefix «son», means "son."For example, Abbotson or Abbot's, that is, the son of Abbott.In Scotland, the "son" denotes the prefix Mac-: MacCarthy, MacDonald.

Beautiful female foreign surnames are common among English family names that have occurred from the place where he was born and lived the founder family.For example, Surrey, Sudley, Westley, Wallace, Lane, Brook.Many euphonious names indicate the occupation, profession or the title of the founder: Spencer, Corner, Butler, Tailor, Walker.Heirloom descriptive names reflect the type of physical or moral qualities of the person: Moody, Bragg, Black, Strong, Longman, Crump, White.

All names of genera are unique and attractive.Keep in mind that not a name makes the man, but the man's name.The study of the history of this or that family names - it is very interesting and exciting experience, while offering many secrets individual families.Beautiful and euphonious names have in any country, but for each person are different.Basically like those generic names that are in tune with the name.