How to quickly change the temper justice with mercy after an argument?

there be life without family disputes and quarrels?Unlikely.To marry, you must understand that you and your spouse - formed personality and his ideas about life.You both are different, so the process of "lapping" in nature - it is an integral part of your life together initially.While for some couples it can drag on for years.

not lose respect for each other

secret of art is to avoid quarrels in dialogue based on love and respect for each other.If you want to save your relationship for years to come, learn to listen to each other and respect the opinion of each of you.If the wife is able through a veil of negative emotions to hear and understand her husband, then the marriage will flourish.

Try as quickly as possible to resolve the conflict situation

Emotions such as anger and contempt can be a big threat to the well-being of couples.The woman is seen as the main caretaker and peacemaker in the relationship.The link between women's ability to control their emotions and family happiness is most obvious when it uses the method of "constructive dialogue."When his wife discussed the problems and proposed solutions, couples often out of the conflict with minimal losses.Ironically, it is beneficial for men, whose wives are often criticized for the fact that they persistently evade solving family problems.

Remember that peace in the family depends more on you

Women are more emotional than men.Most important in this regard to understand that the ability to manage emotions during the conflict is of great importance.Wives who can curb his anger and calm down quickly after a family conflict tend to have a strong family.But the presence of such abilities in her husband rarely helps in the conservation of marriage.

So all in our hands, or rather in the heads.Do you want to keep the family together - learn to control their emotions.And the more successful we are, women will be able to control our emotions, the stronger will be our family, and the longer they will prevail peace and prosperity.

Family life - is the art of compromise and not the end result.

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