Shortcuts Excel (shortcut)

Keyboard shortcuts help users to simplify and accelerate it by replacing a few steps.This is even more important for this office programs as Microsoft Excel, which is designed to facilitate the work of a person with data sets of all kinds.Consider the popular keyboard shortcuts that apply in many versions of this application (from Excel 2003 to Excel 2013).And in Excel 2003 are no combinations to work with tape - Quick Access Toolbar, since this possibility has appeared only in Excel 2007 and is available in later versions.Some of these combinations may not work for localized versions under consideration of the application.

most popular hotkeys Excel

By pressing these key combinations to perform basic functions of the program.When describing keyboard shortcuts "+" symbol is used to show the rollover, standing on the right and left of the "+" sign.Shortcuts are indicated in parentheses, may be pressed simultaneously, one, two, three or four keys on a keyboard.Usually, one, two or three of them are key utilities - Ctrl, Shift or Alt.They first need to press and hold pressed, press the other (third or fourth) of the hotkey combination.

To create a new file, you should click (Ctrl + N).To go to the menu, or open a file - (Ctrl + O), save the file - (Ctrl + S), «Save as» - (F12), Print - (Ctrl + P).Close file - (Ctrl + F4).Last action: cancel - (Ctrl + Z), repeat - (Ctrl + Y).Start the creation of the formula - (=).Close file - (Alt + F4).Add Column - (Ctrl + Shift + plus key).Insert a new sheet - (Shift + F11).Call the dialog for creating a table - (Ctrl + L).Hide the text in the cell - (Alt + Enter).

Transactions navigation

To perform conversions provides the following keyboard shortcuts Excel.Calling the "Go» - (Ctrl + G).Jump to: a cell to the right - (Tab);to the cell to the left - (Shift + Tab);up one screen - (PageUp);down one screen - (PageDown);the next sheet - (Ctrl + PageDown);the previous list - (Ctrl + PageUp);in the field of data to the initial cell - (Ctrl + Home);for enclosing the cell - (Ctrl + End);in the direction of the arrow to the first cell - (Ctrl + arrow).To move between sheets of an open book - (Ctrl + F6).

text formatting and cell

To format the text in the selected cell (cell area) using hotkeys Excel, which are listed below.In these combinations use the Ctrl key plus the other keys specified in this section in parentheses.

Font: bold - (B), underlined - (U), italic - (3), strikeout - (5). Menu: font change - (Shift + F), font size - (Shift + P).Apply mark boundaries - (Shift + 7).Remove all borders - (Shift + Underline).

Call up the menu: cell formatting - (1), font selection - (Shift + F), select the font size - (Shift + P).Set format: interest - (Shift + 5), the numerical - (Shift + 1), the time - (Alt + 2), the date - (Alt + 3), the cash - (Alt + 4), foreign currency - (Shift + 4)the total (to remove formatting) - (Shift + #).

Selecting and editing text

Select: whole sheet - (Ctrl + A), a complete line - (Shift + Space), the entire column - (Ctrl + Space), an array of cells in the direction of the arrow - (Shift +Arrow), a cell array that includes all the data sheet of the book - (Ctrl + Shift + 8).

selected text: cut (in the buffer) - (Ctrl + X), Copy (to clipboard) - (Ctrl + C).Paste - (Ctrl + V).To delete one character from the cursor: Left (Delete), the left - (Backspace).Changing the active cell - (F2).Delete the current value and change the active cell - (blank).

Other shortcuts Excel

Calling the text search - (Ctrl + F), replace the text - (Ctrl + H), select the style - (Alt + ').Automatically create a chart on a new sheet (F11).Change a comment to a cell - (Shift + F2).Calculation AutoSum selected cells in a column - (Alt + =);the sum is put in a cell of this column in the next row below the selection.Insert the selected cell-to-date: the date - (Ctrl + Shift +4), while - (Ctrl + Shift +6).Spellcheck - (F7).

Next let's talk about how to merge cells in Excel.Hotkey, in this case, unfortunately, not an assistant.However, there are some tricks that can help you alleviate some of the problem.

algorithm action

If you merge cells to Excel, there are some difficulties.After this operation is due to loss of data in all cells merging from the field, except for the upper left.First you have to select the area of ​​cells to be combined, press the right mouse button on the selection, select the drop-down menu, select "Format Cells ...".Appears window itself "Format Cells", it select the tab "Alignment" and tick "Merging cells."To perform the operation in question is not generally provided in Excel keyboard shortcuts.

Merge cells easier to carry out with the help of a special button "Merge & Center", which is on the menu, "Home."If you do not have to place the data in the center, click on the label to the right of the button, and in the drop-down submenus, select the appropriate item.By the way, if you often have to use this operation, it is best to place the button on the Quick Access Toolbar.To store data from field merging from other cells, except the upper left, the contents must be transferred to a different location or add them to the cell by means of copying (or cut) and pasting.

Other possible ways of combining cells, eliminating data loss associated with the use of macros, which can be found, for example, forums for working in Excel.The principle of the macro is the same as manually, but is faster and transparent to the user.

How to insert a row with hotkeys

is often necessary in the Excel worksheet to insert a row.Hot keys used for this operation - Ctrl + plus sign.It should highlight, on which it is necessary to insert a new one.This selection can be performed by hot keys (Shift + Space) or by clicking the left mouse button in the corresponding line numbers on the left when the cursor changes to an arrow shape.If a line is not selected, the combination of hot keys (Ctrl + plus sign) leads to the appearance of the corresponding menu "Add cell", which offers a choice of what to embed: cell shift down or to the right column or row.

Hotkey Excel «Delete Row» - (Ctrl + minus sign).To delete a line it is necessary to select and execute press this key combination.

Pressing Alt menu bar application hints appear hot keys relevant sections of the menu.This is illustrated in Fig.Available for versions starting with Excel 2007.

Paste Special in Excel

often necessary to insert in a cell only values, or only formula.To do this, there is the option to Excel - Paste Special.Hot keys for this - (Ctrl + Alt + V).

Pressing these buttons opens a dialog box "Paste Special."It is available if just before this was done copying or cutting an object, the contents of the cell, the text on a sheet or from another program.In the window, select the item you are interested in: the formula, the value formats, note or other of the options.

Thus, reading the contents of this article, you have learned, what are the shortcuts Excel and how to use them.Naturally, the article does not describe all the existing combinations.For a more complete study of the topic should take advantage of the special literature.