How to start the game in a window on Windows

sometimes more convenient to run the game in windowed mode than in full.For example, when you, in addition to the main entertainment, even with someone carrying on a conversation and, accordingly, need to quickly open and close the window.Most people who are wondering about how to run the game in a window, are office workers, because in this way you can have fun, and if necessary, to quickly get back to business.Without compact mode will also be uncomfortable if you have decided to recall the past and take the time older applications.When just beginning to develop the game, they had a very low resolution, respectively, in the new monitors with higher resolution such things would play interesting, because the image will be distorted.Today we decided to address the question of how to run the game in a window without frame.


Virtually all modern games have a special window mode, and make settings for this feature in settings.The first thing you need to go to the very entertaining program, and then find it in the said paragraph.In some applications, you can immediately see the option "windowed mode".Next, you need to save the settings, and if you do not, then the change will not take effect.

By shortcut

Naturally, not all games so easy to set windowed mode, so consider other options.Detailed Settings for some applications may be made by a special label, it is a small program that stores a user's data.In order to find out whether there is an addition to the game, just go to the folder where it was installed.After that, run the appropriate shortcut to the settings.If everything worked out, then you already know how to run the game in a window, without going into the game.


If you still could not find the option in the game, and in this place there is no shortcut to the desired settings, then, most likely, the developers simply did not include this feature.Do not be upset, because in such a situation, and you can find a way out.First, you need to start the selected application, and then use the keyboard shortcut Alt + Enter.Most of the software responds to such a command, including this applies to games.

Command Line If you want to learn how to run the game in Windows 8, then today we'll tell you how to set the appropriate mode for the operating system.Make all the necessary you can with the help of the label, to do this you must use the command line.If the desktop has a pointer to the game, then you need to click on the right mouse button, and then in the dropdown menu select "Properties".In general, due to open a new dialog box, where you can know the full address of the application, rather, a place of its installation.At the end of the matter, where the closing quotation mark, you need to put a space and to add a special combination of Windows.If the question of how to run the game in a window with the help of this example has been resolved, then you may like to try to use a large number of applications.Do not forget that after the installation notes be sure to save your settings, otherwise your changes will not take effect.The example we gave above has one major flaw.In some cases it may be such that when the game gets a new team and run in windowed mode.This parameter can be set by default, respectively, even after removal of the installed application point can still run compact.If you do this all happened, we should not just be afraid - to return the default settings will be sufficient to add a new team fullscreen, and begin again the object displayed on the screen.Just want to remind that the above command may not work in all cases, if a decision is not right for you, you must enter a different value.By the way, if the developer has provided a compact mode for the program, then this will be specified in the application.Accordingly, how to run the game in a window will tell you themselves.


Not all applications can be run in compact mode, for the most part we are talking about these types of programs where the manufacturer sets the minimum screen resolution, which is equal to the current settings on your monitor.In this case, the options of how to run the game in a window for you to be irrelevant, although some cases still fit.If the resolution of your display can be enlarged, then you can install the compact mode for all applications, the main thing - to know how to do it right as it will be possible to return the settings in the reverse position.