How to save in Vienna

some simple but useful tips on how to profitably break in the Austrian capital and still get the maximum pleasure.


Fly to Vienna - it is almost always inexpensive pleasure.Primarily because it flies only 2 hours 40 minutes.In addition, regularly fly to Vienna Austrian Airlines, Transaero, S7, Aeroflot, and most importantly - a budget airline Niki.The ticket will cost no more than 8-9 thousand rubles.So to the capital of Austria does not make sense to fly with changes, it is better to buy a ticket in advance or wait for seasonal discounts.Well, as always, we recommend you do not buy a ticket on weekends - from Friday to Sunday rates are always higher.

The cheapest way to get to the city from the airport - bus.And on the bus ride to both stations in Vienna, and to the center.The cost of a one way ticket - 8 euros.You can save a little by buying a round-trip ticket.

For comparison - the express train will cost 11 euros one way.

If you want to travel a lot around the city, is to get a Vienna Card, which entitles you to free travel in any transport of Vienna, as well as a huge number of discounts at museums, shops, restaurants and bars of the city.The cost of the card for 48 and 72 hours - 18.90 and 21.90 euros, respectively.


Restaurants and cafes in Vienna oh what cheap.So to save on food will help a delicious and inexpensive fast food.Of course, first of all we are talking about the famous Viennese sausages.Tent with hot dogs and other food stand in the city at every turn.There are only 3-6 euros you can enjoy the national food.

Another option, especially in good weather - buy local food at the supermarket - Hofer, Zielpunkt, Billa - and have a picnic in one of the many parks of Vienna.

If you are still settled in the cafe, you can save water: just ask the waiter Leitungswasser - water from the tap, which is in Vienna, you can safely drink.It will be free, or have to pay a euro floor.

Another option - to run for lunch in the student cafeteria (Mensa).They can be found in the city center.For lunch you can save by ordering a comprehensive business lunch instead of individual dishes.


hotels in Vienna are not cheap, so for budget travelers suit rental options for apartments and hostels.Up to 50 euros per night you can stay in a 2 star hotel a short distance from the center, for example, Ibis budget Wien Sankt Marx.


Save in Vienna on entertainment is also quite simple.Of course, in addition to ordinary sightseeing and photographing the local attractions.For example, every Thursday from 6 to 10 pm Admission to the Museum of Applied Art is free.In many municipal museums of the city - Vienna Museum, Clock Museum, etc.- On the first Sunday of the month entrance free.

variety of programs can be, and going to the theater, is not ruined.At the Vienna State Opera in 40 minutes before the start of the play opens ticket office, where you can just 3-7 euros to buy a standing ticket for the show.The main thing - ideally take place on the ground.

In addition, May 29 will be held the night free concert in the park of Schönbrunn, where you can listen to Strauss, Berlioz, performed by the Philharmonic Orchestra.

Olga Bebekina

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