What children remember?

have your baby's memory is not the same as in adults.This was proved by many scientists.Action Memory kids - this is a very important thing, do not forget about it.Mom should always remember that the baby is much more emotional, impressionable than logical.He will remember the emotions and feelings, than any facts.Other features of childhood memory - talk further.

situational memory

For example, your baby has built a sand castle.And then Dad came and broke the creation of a baby.Yes, maybe, the father simply did not notice the building, and his son remembered resentment.And then he will not want to build anything, because he remembers what happened last time.

And another positive example.A lesson of work the girls are preparing their sandwiches first.If this happens in a friendly atmosphere, and the teacher is also praise for the outcome of the girl - in her memory will remain exactly positive associations related to cooking.My daughter will grow a good housekeeper.

In general, it is important to do the kid sensation associated with a particular action, rather than specific details.

Remember, in any situation related to the child to be a respectful, friendly and caring.

We should not forget that the teacher's role is important in the life of every child.The first lessons occupy most of the memory of the little man.

If the learning process is the baby boredom, he is likely to reject it most simply teaching.When - this attitude is very difficult to change.

Common actions

For example, you enroll your son or daughter to some club for children.The kid really wanted to learn how to embroider a cross, and the teacher told only how to embroider embroidery, and did not address the issue of children, that is, she did not do what they want children.The kid was bored, so he threw the circle.Besides, now it is not interesting embroidery.

But if the teacher drew attention to the questions and requests for the baby - it would still be only pleasant memories.

In other words, it must be remembered that the child learns primarily feelings, and here are the facts - already then.

Try to have crumbs were as many pleasant and positive memories.So he will have much to learn and accumulate useful knowledge!

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