Ship to Valaam.

Valaam Island, located to the north of Lake Ladoga in Karelia, has always been interesting for tourists who come to this reserved place every year.Here you will find a unique natural beauty: the combination of cliffs yes pine forests, numerous lakes and Savior-Transfiguration Valaam Monastery.Touch the stories everyone can, because the ship on Balaam goes often.Distance from St. Petersburg to Valaam is 210 km, and from the northern shores of Lake Ladoga can be reached fairly quickly, because the distance to the island just 18 km away.

Historical background

Some historians agree that the name of the island means high ground.By the way, in the archipelago of islands and has a small area, but high island - Skitsky: its height is 58.2 m. In any case, a cruise to Valaam - it's a great opportunity to feel like a part of nature among the rocks, bays, islands, straits and pine forests.That unique combination boasts not every resort!It is believed that Valaam Monastery was founded at the time of the Baptism of Russia to St. Herman and Sergius.In the XV century monastery known as the Great Lavra.The heyday of the monastery came from the years 1839-1917.Today, this complex attracts visitors from around the world.


on Holy Island can be accessed in several ways.The most popular, comfortable, but not cheap - to Valaam ship from St. Petersburg.This involves a cruise journey in the cabin (the degree of comfort depends on the purchase price of the ticket) with meals.The ticket price also includes a variety of excursions and entertainment.Some routes involve stopping, for example, on the island of Konevets, Sortavala or Svirstroy, but such events are not included.

second way - to get to the island on a meteorite from Priozersk.This route is organized pilgrimage service Valaam Monastery.Please pilgrims traveling by bus in Priozersk - it takes about three hours of travel, followed by a group transplanted on a meteor and an hour commute to the island.

Which round pick

Travel companies offer opportunities to visit this legendary island.As already mentioned, the most convenient way - a ship on Valaam route, for example, St. Petersburg, Valaam, St. Petersburg, designed for one day and two nights.As part of this tour offers:

  1. in St. Petersburg takes place travelers check, and then sent the ship on the Neva Lake Ladoga.During this time, visitors are waiting dinner, a variety of musical programs.
  2. At 8 am - Arrival to the island in Nikon's Bay.Here, visitors will be offered a waypoint tour in the Monastery Bay, from which the back of the additional funds can be reached by a small boat.On the second day the tourists will be offered a tour of the monastery - visit Znamenskaia chapel, monastery garden, monastery cemetery, and the Transfiguration Cathedral.It will be provided, and free time, then you will find a tour to the monastery of Valaam.
  3. morning - return to the river station in St. Petersburg.

Balaam can get to the helicopter, and at any time of the year.However, this method of travel is not always available.As a rule, the helicopter can fit 20 people at the same time, even if the required number of tourists to be missed, the place to be redeemed.The journey from Moscow to the island a long time - a week, so it's easier and cheaper to get to St. Petersburg, and from there to get on the boat to Balaam.

How much is

As part of the tour boat to Valaam in September, will cost:

  • On the boat deck cabin price - 8700 (double) and 10,500 rubles (single).
  • On average the cost of such deck: polyulyuks Double - 11,200 rubles., Single cabin - 10100 rub., Double - 8400 rubles.
  • tickets on the main deck - 8,000 rubles for a double cabin.
  • On the lower deck triple cabin will cost 7000 rubles.

If you choose to ship Balaam ticket prices include accommodation in cabins, meals, dinner in the evening departure, all included in the tour route, and entertainment.

Excursion to Kizhi and Valaam

get to Holy Island are several tours offered by modern travel agencies.For example, a longer cruise ship on a shaft with the expanded program - this route «Санкт-Петербург-Свирьстрой-Кижи-Петрозаводск-Мандроги-Санкт-Петербург».This tour is designed for 6 days / 5 nights.Departure - from St. Petersburg with dinner on the boat.Then the tourists come to Valaam, where they were waiting for a walking tour of hermitages central farmstead, visit the Cathedral, tour of the Monastery bay.The group then went to Lodeynoye Pole, where it will run a bus excursion to the Monastery of Alexander Svirsky.Unforgettable impressions will give a tour to Kizhi - an island that consists of unique buildings XVII-XIX centuries.The next destination - Petrozavodsk and walk through it, then the group stops retroderevne Mandrogi.Then the boat returned to St. Petersburg.The cost of this trip will be from 17370 rubles per one person.

What is interesting on the island of Valaam

map shows that a relatively small area a lot of places worthy of attention.Of course, the main attraction of the island - is the Transfiguration Cathedral.Previously there was a center of Orthodoxy, and now in the monastery about 200 inhabitants.Actively revived life in monasteries.The only active at the moment - the Resurrection monastery, which houses the Pilgrim Service of the monastery dedicated to the organization of excursions around the island.Here, on the top of Mount of Olives, it is the chapel of the Assumption, which offers an excellent overview of the Small Nikon's Bay.

Usually the pilgrimage season, the island offers during the holiday memory the relics of St. Nicholas and Nicholas Skete holidays.It was at this time are becoming popular excursions to Valaam on the boat.By the way, the temperature here is rarely high because of the constantly blowing winds, so you should take warm clothes.When to go

Excursions to Balaam operate from May to October, while in St. Petersburg can be reached in several ways.Modern travel companies offer several options of routes.The most popular - a tour to Valaam by boat from St. Petersburg, but many are interested, and weekend tours, such as Valaam, Kizhi and Valaam-Mandrogi.You can select and longer cruises, and there are hotels on the island, where you can stay.Firstly, it is a hotel at the monastery.Secondly, there are the year-round hotel "Winter", "Attic" and "abbot".You can stay in a tent camp - a rest appreciated by those who prefer to feel as close as possible to the environment.Here you can and have a snack, and in the summer on the island there are many cafes, where you can fully eat.

Popular excursions on the island

Base is considered a sightseeing tour of the Transfiguration Cathedral and the central farmstead.It is included in almost all cruises.It is also frequently visited by St. Nicholas monastery on the island of St. Nicholas.If there is time, the guide offers to visit the abbot's cemetery.Besides the usual trips on the island you can visit the museum, located on the docks Monastery Bay, Red Cape, the weather station located here.You can rent a boat for a sightseeing trip around the island - it will cost 2,000 rubles.

Guides note that excursions into the existing dwelling shall be conducted subject to the rules and statutes of monastic life, respectively, some traveling as part of the tour may be canceled depending on the life of the monastery.

skit Balaam: What is special

As part of the tour of the Resurrection Skete first tourists are encouraged to visit Gethsemane, then a group of Mount of Olives rises to the Chapel of the Ascension.At the end of the tour you can visit the monastery farm and treat yourself with fresh milk and bread.As part of the river tours are often invited to visit the fortifications, which still remained in the red cape.Here is a very nice, quiet bay because in harmony with rocky channels.Many tourists say that defenses look disgusting on the background of nature, but they suggest that co-exist in our life the dark and light side.

So, if you want to plunge into nature and history at the same time, a trip to Valaam - is a great way to do it.Choose river cruises, because that is how you can learn more about native open spaces of Russia and closer to nature.