7 ways to win the respect of children

recently very aggravated the problem of communication of parents with their children.Parents complain that their children do not listen, and show no respect.

How did win the respect of children and ensure parental authority?Today we will talk about the simple rules, the observance of which will win the respect of children.

- Discipline.

educating children, remember that you lay the future of their character traits.Discipline is welcome everywhere, in every family.Children should be disciplined appropriately.Think about how often do your children before you do anything, consult with you?Babe need some order in their lives.An integral part of the proper development of the child is discipline.The more time parents will spend on the education of their children, the more they will feel parental love and care.

- Be a role model.

Teenagers and children are not always able to deliberately commit any acts.Most often it is thoughtless decisions and actions.This happens for the reason that teens still can not properly assess the possible consequences of their actions.They do not possess the wisdom that can open their eyes to the real dangers associated with certain actions.So you need to carefully watch that the child at an early age is not headed the wrong way.

Control toddler behavior should be even with the smallest of years of life.Parents must provide for their children a good example to follow.After all, Mom and Dad are the first heroes of the child, and that they copy their behavior.We, the parents, are designed to ensure that constantly improve themselves, as well as helping our children to be wise, to be able to distinguish the good from the bad.The fate of our children only in our hands.

- tells the children about God.

On this difficult path of raising children, God sustains us and gives us strength and patience.The power that God has given us the father, should be adequately used.First and foremost, we must protect our children from external influences.Parents should educate their children faithful and honest.So the parents have to help their children in the knowledge of spiritual truth and wisdom.But the wisdom of God was sent to parents, so that they could pass it to their baby.

- Show off your love for the child.

Very often, many parents can not spend enough time with their children.This is due to work and other chores.It's your parents try to compensate for the lack of a variety of gifts, toys and sweets.But true love and attention can not be bought.So try to give crumbs as much as possible, show how much you love your baby.Show interest in the child's hobbies, even if you do not approve of them, and they will seem very frivolous.Try to treat the child with greater understanding.

- Do not be afraid to refuse a child.

We are always afraid to deny the child of anything.But why?You know that all the experiments teenagers associated with early sexual relationships, drugs, alcohol and other bad habits, related only to the fact that children do not have enough of our love.The care and love, that's what they need.And it's part of our duty to give children a sufficient amount of attention and give them our love.If you do not properly pay attention to their children, they, in this way, they want to bring it to him.

parents notice that their child is not turned the right way, starting to deal with this screaming, grunting.But it never helps, but only exacerbate the situation.In such cases, the child will see you as the enemy.Ignoring is also not the best method of education.Sometimes children just want to get away from us, even failure.After all, they only need our attention.

- Try to exercise in relation to each other submission.

child should grow up in a warm, respectful atmosphere.Family members should treat each other with respect.And just to be docile in relation to each other.Not only the wife must be submissive towards her husband, but the husband towards her, parents must be obedient towards their children and children to parents.Everyone should give each other, and then the family will be calm, peace, harmony, satisfaction and happiness.

- Be a friend to your children.

For children, we must not only parents, but also friends.After all, parents want their children to trust them all their problems, and share with them the joys and defeats.It is necessary to take the lives of children involved.We must not disappoint them, ignore or reject.All efforts should be made to ensure that the child understood that we treat it with respect and are willing to accept his every defeat.What's in the difficult moments, we always extend a helping hand, and in moments of joy always sincerely rejoice with his child!

By following these tips, raising children in harmony and love, we will get from them the respect that is so important to us, parents!

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