Active resistance to AC circuits

electrical circuit assumes that in the structure of a number of different components.Capacitors and inductor elements are included in the chain for the most varied effects.Active resistance while present in the form of separate elements and the resistance of the resistor connecting wires.Physics of the impact of this component on the circuit flow of the laws of electrical phenomena studied quite thoroughly, and not much different from the nature of electric current, whether it be under the influence of AC or DC voltage.

Resistance in the AC circuit operates in the same way as in the mode of the DC voltage.It is quite another - elements of capacitance and inductance.If the portion of the chain, which is connected to the capacitor is completely absent DC component, the inductor to it have no effect.At DC leakage inductance variant affects only the resistance of the coil.

quite a different situation when describing electric processes in the chain of alternating current.Capacitors are conductors, and the inductance (choke, transformer winding, etc.). Acquire inductive reactance, and it, in turn, plays a much more important role, and the resistance is often simply not taken into account.

But, nevertheless, the need for precision of the calculations required to take into account this component.To begin to understand how resistance combined with an inductive coil, should in general consider the device a standard inductor.

as a component in the circuit this device is nothing more than as a bipolar element of a wide variety of electrical, electromechanical and electronic systems and devices.As the basic parameters it uses the value of self-inductance.That in turn depends only on the geometric dimensions and materials of manufacture.The magnitude of the inductance does not affect any current or voltage.Application inductors are filters to suppress interference, their use allows for smoothing pulsations coil may also accumulate the energy that is widely used in the design of resonant circuits.

To analyze the impact resistance is to work the throttle, the chain should be considered AC single element, which is the inductor.Calculating active and inductive reactance, seemingly the simplest way to calculate the total value is the addition of the module.

But with these values, the situation is not as simple as it would seem.Omitting the theoretical basis, describe the use in practice of the method of summation of the active and inductive resistance.

To find the total score construct a rectangular triangle.One is the leg of his resistance, and others - the induction.The hypotenuse is equal to the total resistance of the circuit, which by definition is equal to the square root of the sum of squares of active and inductive resistances.

conditions, Implemented in this manner, are more accurate information about the processes occurring in the AC circuit, the elements of which are the inductor.The formula Ohm's Law we can use the value of the impedance.In the future it should be noted that a significant resistance when compared with the inductance can influence the phase shift between current and voltage.That is why the manufacture of inductors are widely used with core structure that provides significant advantages inductive reactance.