EGP France

country located in Western Europe.Consider EGP France, first - its geographical position.

France - the largest country in Europe which borders with Belgium, Italy, Germany, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Andorra and Spain.The border in the north with the United Kingdom goes on the Straits of the Atlantic.In the south is the small Principality of Monaco.The main territory of the country is hilly, with hills, lowlands and mountains of medium height.The highest mountain in the country and in the whole of Western Europe - Mont Blanc, with an altitude of over 4,800 meters.

EGP France largely due to its location and the availability of natural resources.The country lies mainly in the plain.Most of it is located in the temperate latitudes and subtropics of South grabs.It is rich in water resources and hydroelectric complex in France is the biggest in Europe.More than 500 hydropower plants, producing a total of about twenty thousand megawatts of power, located on its territory.

Minerals France, represented mainly by reserves of uranium and iron ore.In explored reserves of uranium ores country is in first place in Western Europe.Lorraine (region in north-eastern France), is rich in iron ore deposits.There are also deposits of bauxite, coal and potash are concentrated in the north and east of the country.There are small reserves of natural gas, oil and coal.The largest coal basins - Massif Central and Lille.

From energy resources precedence to the country have uranium ore.Essential in the production of electricity have a nuclear power plant, which the country has 59. They produce about 80% of all electricity in the country.Of great importance for the country are recreational resources of France.In this regard, especially valuable marine and coastal areas of the Pyrenees and the Alps.Significant tourism potential - in large cities in the country including, of course, Paris.

EGP France is such that not to use the natural advantages of the state, ranging from very favorable geographical position in Europe before entering the main maritime trade route in Western Europe (the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, the English Channel), it would be, to put it mildly, not quitecorrectly.

France ranks 6th in the world in economic indicators, after China, USA, Germany, Japan and the UK.It is a highly agrarian-industrial country.The leading manufacturing industries are mechanical engineering, including the automotive, electronic (washing machines, televisions, etc.) and electrical, shipbuilding (marine ferries, tankers), aircraft and machine tools.The country is one of the largest manufacturers of petrochemical and chemical products (including synthetic rubber, caustic soda, chemical fertilizers, plastics, pharmaceuticals, etc.), Color (lead, aluminum and zinc) and ferrous metals.Featured on the world market are French shoes, clothes, perfumes, cosmetics, jewelry, wine, cheese (made more than four hundred varieties), brandy.

in France is very well developed rail.High-speed train TGV (abbr. Francs. Train à Grande Vitesse, which translates as "high speed train"), as well as local trains connect Paris destination with almost all cities of the country and in neighboring France in Western Europe.TGV trains travel at an average speed of 325 kilometers per hour.The total length of the French railways is nearly 30 000 kilometers.The railway network of France, therefore, is one of the longest in western Europe.

Thus, we have presented the main features of EGP France.