How to remove dark spots on the face of the cause.

Over the lifetime of a person gradually changes from phase to phase of childhood age.The process is accompanied by a huge number of changes, which affect primarily the functioning of life support systems.One of the signs of aging are dark spots that can occur in different parts of the body.The signs of aging - something with which humanity is struggling since the time of the onset of cosmetics.Wrinkles, sagging, pale, dark spots on the face, cause of which has long been studied, and so on, around the world list are opposed cosmetic corporation.

Before considering the matter further, it is necessary to define.Brown spots - fragments of skin, often with an oval shape, their color can be different: gray, black or red, light brown.Skin with transparent spot and looks like a thin transparent sheet.In some cases, the skin, on the contrary, it becomes more rough, dry and wrinkled.

problem associated with how to remove age spots on the face, most people appear not earlier than 40 years.Passing the age barrier, the skin can not recover from the effects of solar ultraviolet radiation.In some cases, pigment spots occur vbolee early age, for example, freckles, resulting sharp melanin skin haired individuals.

Brown spots on the face, cause of which lies in the transition from freckles to "senile ripples" are called "lentigo".They are difficult to disguise.Lentigo may appear on other parts of the body.

to remove age spots on the face, back and other parts of the body, beauty salons offer a range of treatments: bleaching, fotolechenie, peeling treatments and the use of home remedies.Consider the procedure in more detail:

Fotolechenie .The most modern way to remove pigment based on the use of light waves of a certain frequency.
Whitening .With the help of drugs that have a high protection factor against UV rays, there is a delay of melanin.
Dermabrasion .It allows you to display dark spots on the face and other parts of the body after a kind of "sanding" of the skin in these places.Next to them there is a new light layer.
Mesotherapy .Stain removal in this case carried out by means of chemicals introduced into the pigmented area.
Cryotherapy .Held frost spots with liquid nitrogen, which allows to deduce dark spots on the face, neck and other areas where there are small clusters of them.
Chemical peeling .Excess amount of melanin is removed by the introduction of organic acids.

If there is no desire and means to visit a beauty salon with this problem, homemade recipes will help remove dark spots on the face.The reason for their appearance - the impact of UV rays, so you need to neutralize the excess melanin, which manifests itself on the skin.It is devastating for him is arbutin contained in yarrow.Furthermore, to solve suitable licorice, cucumber, lemon, parsley, which contain the necessary skin-whitening agent.Thus, to reduce or to remove pigmentary stains by using vegetable masks and in the home.

use of these further recommendation - the best way to prevent the emergence of excess melanin, causing dark spots on the face.The reason for the action of UV rays - by limiting time in the sun house minimum, you can reduce the risk of unwanted skin pigmentation.In addition, you should use sunscreen, sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat.

Brown spots - a problem that occurs with age.They also can occur during pregnancy, hormonal surges.In such cases, before you get rid of them, you need to see a doctor.