How Does Toothpaste Whitening

white smile today - is no longer a luxury, but a testament to how serious its owner about his appearance.People do not smile the rest, it is difficult to cause sympathy for his person.Beautiful smile - a symbol of success and positive spirit man.Unfortunately.Not everyone can afford whitening dental clinics in the walls, and some of this procedure at all contraindicated.This does not mean you have to give up and go with a gloomy face.To partially solve this problem, use whitening toothpaste with a special compound.

Related search tools for oral care are two kinds of pastes: containing abrasive particles and those which include enzymes and other chemicals that break down plaque.The first group is characterized by high efficiency, because the result can be seen from the very first application.Typically, such a whitening toothpaste in its composition has an ordinary baking soda.The unique properties of the bleaching agent are that it simply removes the top layer of enamel, and on which there is coating.Dentists do not recommend the use of such pastes often.Ideally, brushing teeth they must pass 2 - 3 times a week.Constant use will lead to scratches, tooth sensitivity and easier penetration of bacteria in them.Abrasive Whitening Toothpaste likely be considered a drastic measure restoring brightness than permanent way to maintain it.

second group of tools to make the natural color of teeth used in their composition enzymes and chemicals.They cleave plaque without damaging tooth enamel.These include glister toothpaste containing fluoride.The presence of this component has caused conflicting opinions about it among users.Some say its miraculous properties of bleach, while others assure that the paste has become a cause of dental problems, increasing their sensitivity.In fact, both sides are right here.The reason is plain tap water.If it contains a large amount of salt, if the used bleaching toothpaste with fluoride, a surplus of material is obtained, which leads to deterioration of the teeth.In the case where water is not saturated with them, the buyer does not feel any discomfort.While the use of such funds is no mechanical effect on the enamel, but some chemicals destroy it substantially.

paste a new generation in the structure have natural bleaching agents and special polymer beads that, without scratching the surface perfectly clean it.They are practically harmless and some of them contain substances such as liquid or calcium minerals that have a beneficial effect on teeth.

Despite the obvious advantages and the development of even the best toothpaste is not able to whiten your teeth more than 3 colors.It is not less than the comparable results in dental clinics.The explanation to this fact is very simple, pasta give teeth naturally whiter.In other words, if a person had a yellowish tint on the nature of the enamel, no one cleaner does not make it the owner of a snow-white smile.Most of the negative reviews of this product line, it is just written without taking into account this fact.Another important point is the regularity of their use.Always brush your teeth whitening toothpaste can not be!Professional tools for cleaning the mouth suggest that they will be used no more than twice a week.Failure to do so will make any man a regular customer dentist.