The open H264: a set of applications

Now we talk about how you open the H264.This is a special type of video compression.This solution is often used to record videos in AVCHD recorders, surveillance systems and video cameras.


First of all, more is to refer to the fact that the extension of himself is H264.The open it, we describe a little later.This video compression format adopted International Organization for Standardization.The solution is designed primarily to achieve a high level of compression stream while maintaining high quality.Another name H264 - AVC.

with the same quality video in the new standard will take in comparison to MPEG-4 is much less hard disk space (approximately 50%).This AVC codecs for more demanding with respect to system resources than solutions based on ASP (eg, DivX, XviD).Most modern TVs, as well as hardware player plays these files.Do the task, and a personal computer.Many software players support the playback of clips format H264.However, some applications may need to install additional codecs.

If before you file H264, you open it, the program will prompt, which we consider separately below.


Now we talk about multi-functional player, which has a full complement of features to view videos with maximum comfort.There is a H264-codec.What we are interested in open format, so the program knows.The solution is distributed for free, while it is constantly evolving.

VLC-Player has a lot of advantages.It is worth mentioning his work in the operating system Mac, Windows and Linux.The user gets the ability to install different modules and stunning visual quality, which can be adjusted individually.Video filters are present in the player, make it possible to control the settings.

Built-in test allows the best option to save the recording quality.If we talk about the interface of the player, in this matter the developers listened to the opinion of users.Even the player's option, the default is not satisfactory.Anyone can install an additional skin to your liking.

player has a handy playlist that allows you to specify the order of playback files, and view brief information about them.With regard to the special tag editor, it provides the opportunity to build their own video collection.

remarkable feature of VLC - the ability to play damaged and not fully downloaded files.Another feature of the program is to record streaming video to your computer.VLC is incredibly easy to use and will help in addressing the issue in question, but it is not the only one.

Media Player Classic

Next, we will discuss smart, functional, comfortable and a small player which will play the files of interest to the format.So, if before you format H264, you open it, it tells the classic Media Player.The solution is distributed freely.It is written in the programming language C ++.Has open source, only works on the operating system Windows.

The open H264, tells built WMP

Sometimes the solution is closer than you think, because we can help the player, the default built-in Windows, developed by Microsoft.In this case, decoding is performed by the file DirectShow filter.The program has an intuitive interface and unobtrusive design without frills.There is a special library where you store files you play.


It's about quality multifunction player, which will also help to dig videos compressed format H264.The application supports a variety of skins.BSplayer - a free program, which is designed for international use.Here, there are advanced search options, editing and subtitles.

worth noting that the functionality of the application does not make it demanding to computer resources.BSplayer is suitable for installation even on slower PCs.The program supports a particular control with the remote control.With built Progressive Rendering can be secured against accidental flow of dropped frames.Also available grip, slow and fast playback, creation of bookmarks.This player is easy to manage and configure.The program is available in Russian.All media content stored on a personal computer are displayed in a particular library.

Other options

To address the issue of what open H264, fit and a number of other applications, including QuickTime Player, Roxio Creator, CyberLink PowerDVD, Corel VideoStudio, Elecard, Xilisoft Video.The latter talk more.

are questions of universal assistant for video files.It is also a powerful converter.The program is paid.It has a simple interface.Management will be clear to the ordinary PC user.The application allows to extract audio from a video stream, storing them in a preferred format.Advanced users can add a variety of effects, they make a movie more "alive" (and, if desired, on the contrary, black and white).Available to work with subtitles.Also useful function is removed from the required number of recording images.If necessary, the video can be divided into several parts, small in volume.Conveniently, the processes are very fast.

Now you know, you open the H264.The program for this there are many, there is only choose the most appropriate.