How to find the North Star in the starry sky.

Perhaps there is no such person who would neither liked to look at the starry sky.Since ancient times it has attracted the attention of poets, philosophers and artists.Most people like to look at the stars and dream.But they seem to be too cryptic and rarely can see the order in which they appear.But for travelers of antiquity stars were the only means of orientation in the dark.

In the Northern Hemisphere, there is one landmark that many times rescued stray.It's the North Star.It can be seen from any point, and it is always in the same place.To avoid getting lost, you just need to know how to find the North Star in the starry sky.

She was not one of the twenty most striking, but it has always been a beacon of light for people.And it seems that all the luminaries revolve around it.She really is the axis.During the rotation of the earth is invariably its position and shows the direction to the north.After all, it is the closest to the north pole of the world.Location stars in the sky has not changed for thousands of years, but because of the displacement of the Earth's axis is still a thousand years ago there was another polestar.

In what constellation it is

This name - not the name of a specific star, but only a role that carries light, pointing to the north.In the modern era the role played by the North Star Alpha of the Little Dipper, which is only one degree from the north pole of the world.In this constellation, it is the brightest.Ursa Minor is made up of 29 stars, only seven of which are bright enough to be clearly visible.They make up a figure which is called the small bucket.At the end of his pen and is the North Star.

This constellation - not the largest, and stands in 56th place in size.But we know it is not only because it is a mirror image of the Big Dipper, but also because of what it is today North Star.Only through it, find the constellation Ursa Minor.But for this, of course, you need to know how to find the North Star in the starry sky.

Characteristics stars

It refers to the variable stars, and it is called Cepheids.Its pulsation period of more than four days in the current period, it is in a state of relative calm.Astronomers have determined that it increases the brightness and modern humans, it shines a lot more than a thousand years ago.So now a lot easier to learn how to find the North Star in the sky.But it is believed that it belongs to the decaying and very old age.

is the light belongs to a class of supergiants.It is 23 times the size of the sun and 4 times its weight.And the brighter our light in 2500 times.This is a double star, but which can be determined only by the super-power telescope.Therefore, the second could be seen only in the 30s of the 20th century.And in 2006, the Hubble telescope has determined that this triple system.

slightly yellowish color of a star, and it's a bit hot sun.How far it is from Earth, still can not pinpoint.It is believed that it is equal to 434 light years.

role of the North Star

It can be used to determine the parts of the world.If you stand to face her, then back to the south.Focusing on the North Star, you can also determine the latitude to within one degree.For this you need a protractor, which should bring a star, and the plummet, which should be fixed in the center of its base.From this angle, subtract 90 degrees and get the value of the geographical latitude.The more north you are, the higher above the horizon will be the required point, and the more the other stars you see around it.If you know how to find the North Star in the starry sky, you can always determine your location.

history of the North Star

Immobility of lights at all times it attracts the attention of all nations.The ancient Arabs considered it a hole in the sky, and it was linked to a legend, describing it as a giant coffin in which lies the warrior of the sky.The Greeks called it Kinosoura, which means "the dog's tail."In India, there is a beautiful legend that God made a star of a little boy, which no one could distract from prayer.The names of the stars and constellations were formed in ancient times, and a lot of myths to explain their origin.

How to find the North Star in the starry sky

If you know it, you will never get lost.After all, it is in the northern hemisphere is visible all night, at any time of year and always points north.To find the North Star, first look for the constellation Ursa Major.The seven bright stars make up a figure similar to the bucket.If mentally push through the wall of the bucket line, a distance five times longer than the length of the wall, you will see the North Star.

If suddenly the Big Dipper is not seen, which is rare, you can use the constellation of Cassiopeia, which is similar to the letter "M".If you connect the three bright stars and hold it out of the middle of the line perpendicular at a distance four times greater than the width of the constellations, you will see the North Star.