Hex how to define yourself?

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First you need to understand its nature and proishozheniya, and only then move on to how to identify the evil eye own.Hex - it is negative, the negative impact, aimed at a specific person at the level of energy, ie,it is a strong desire to harm emanating from anyone transmitted nonverbally, t. e. mentally, directed facial expressions, gaze, gestures, or, in other words, a specific programming aimed at harming good health, prosperity and successful career of the individual.Leading to its imposition of envy, vindictiveness, greed and selfishness, as the world now and in the relationship between people a lot of hatred, anger, greed, and so the actual answer to the question: how to define evil eye ?.

There are conscious and unconscious evil eye.

unwittingly any one of us could jinx himself or someone from their loved ones, relatives or acquaintances.Most often unconscious whammy impose on others careless people, because they do not control their words, thoughts, and do not know the power of words.The mother may have flattered his favorite, adored child to illness or woman admiring herself in the mirror so that it becomes not happy or herself attracted to a variety of ailments.You can be smoothed in a time when the demonstrate their knowledge or acquire before others, etc.Himself whammy how to define?It is quite simply determined by the behavior and well-being smoothed as it suddenly becomes something that is not characteristic of him, as a rule, having a negative color.

Conscious evil eye, usually applied by people consciously and purposefully to the individual.Apply it consciously can those of us who have certain abilities on the impact of their negative energy on others.

Many are asking themselves how to define evil eye?

Determine whether there is a whammy, you can own, without the help of magicians, or healers, for the following symptoms: sudden irritability, lethargy, apathy, laziness, indifference to life, sustainable bad luck or not peculiar to you, drowsiness, sudden weakness, not passing headachespain, frequent colds, etc.Nothing in our life with us does not happen by accident, so you need to look for the cause of what is happening.

consider several options for how to define your own evil eye?

determine if the evil eye can be defended with the help of a glass of water and fresh egg.Ask help you to someone from relatives or loved ones, and themselves sitting on a chair on his head, put a glass filled halfway with water.Anyone who helps you should gently break the shell of an egg cup so as not to damage the yolk, and allow it to drain into the beaker.After sitting for a few minutes with a glass on his head, to gently remove it and examine the contents.Evil eye on you not only if the egg yolk resides quietly in the bottom of your cup.Chance sglaza increased by changing the shape or color of the eggs in the presence of thin fibers extending to the surface.

Simple charcoal can help us to determine whether there is the evil eye.It is enough to throw the coals into the water 3 and look at their behavior.Drowned embers say that you applied the evil eye.Floating on the surface of water embers say that there is no reason for concern.

Another way: to help define evil 3 candles of the temple, lighted at night with prayer Virgin.Be sure to cross three times at the end of the prayer.Look for candles as much smoky, hissing or suddenly extinguished candles - it is a signal of your evil eye, and perhaps damage.

Sometimes evil eye can be so strong that it equates to a curse.It is important that the force with which you wish evil, as well as the extent to which you can counter this effect on an unconscious level, because people with strong energy does not have to wonder: how to define evil eye?But, at the same time, believe that just shoot it.Moreover, you can protect yourself from it by various charms.