Palmistry Life Line

On the lines on the palm of a person can be a lot to say about his character, fate, mental peculiarities of intellectual development.The science that deals with this is called palmistry.There she was a long time ago, when people first noticed the uniqueness of each person's palm and began to think that is the reason.For such sciences as palmistry life line is an inexhaustible source of information about a person.They are quite different: one human life line forked at the end, the other - there is even a continuous strip.Even then, people began to look for the relationship between fate and human figures on the palms.Today, master these skills can be anyone person.

the need to study the hand that a man gets during the life of the leader.Even the skin on the palm of the person might say about what his character.If the skin is a bit rough, it is likely that in front of you direct and open person.Thin cold surface refinement speaks of the character of its owner.Form the hand and finger length also minimis.

Short fingers are likely to belong to the energetic and superficial person, but long - a stubborn and pedantic.Fingers ordinary length talking about the absence of these Yarkov pronounced personality traits.Look closely at your hand, and you're likely to notice that it is true.

So, palmistry life line requires a particularly careful examination.First of all, we should pay attention to the main lines.The easiest way to start guessing the line of the heart.That it brings basic information about the emotional state of the person.It starts from the edge of the palm, just below the little finger and go to the middle and index fingers.The decisive factor is the place where it ends: most of all - between the forefinger and middle.It is the most common case, and such people more easily find a compromise, friendly, welcoming.If this line is shorter and more direct, the person less emotional, prefers to keep emotions to themselves.Sometimes palmistry life line splits, which suggests an important change in the destiny of man.

next most defining line is crazy.Most often it is drawn clearly, indicating a highly developed level of intellectual development.Name palmistry life line speaks for itself: it is for this line is determined by a person's love to the world, to the holder of chronic diseases.The most common mistake beginners chiromantists is an attempt to draw an analogy between the length of the line and life expectancy.This misconception, which believe it all began.

Palmistry Life Line is often intertwined with the fate of the line.She can tell a lot about the meaning of human life, his destiny.It is the most unique and not at all visible.This can occur because of the lack of meaning in life, due to the fact that people do not understand why there was this light.She sometimes appears in forty years of age, when a person makes sense.

A lot of the information contained mounds, hills and convexity on the palms.Each one is named after a certain planet.As to how he developed a hill, it can be said of psycho-emotional development.They will show what a person is interested in and enjoys.If any protuberance developed more than others, it is not talking about the anomaly, but a more pronounced interest in a particular area.They are named as follows: The Mount of Venus, Saturn, Neptune, Moon, Mars.The hill, which is responsible for the creative development of the individual, is called Apollo.If it is elastic and pronounced, its owner is a sociable person, prone to creativity.If

seriously learn this art, life chances become much broader and life will become more interesting!