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So you are desperate to seek the location of a loved one by conventional methods, and decided to walk to his goal with the help of an ancient magic love spell.A little thought, you chose the easiest way to modern conditions - spell on photos.However, you surely gnaw some doubts.And for any magical ritual requires strong will and total concentration, so before the start of the ritual, you have to answer yes to all the following questions.

So, the first question - do you know exactly how to do a love spell on photos?It is not so much about performing magic acts, since they serve only as assistants in the direction of your will and the ability to direct their spiritual energy to achieve a specific goal.

Before the ritual, you must turn off anything that could distract you: phones, computers, etc.If during the ritual you just for a second to lose concentration, the result will be zero.Then you need to reach a state of complete peace of mind, no thought should disturb your mind.Ultimately, all of what you should be thinking - this is what you been together with your loved one.This work with its own consciousness is extremely important and is the key to success.

reaching such a condition that can be described as a trance, you can begin to actually spell on photos . Take a photo of a loved one.It is desirable that most of the photos took the face and the eyes are clearly visible.Try to make contact with a person using his photos, feel the mental link with him.Photo is a powerful tool to establish contact, so even if you are new to magic, you might get.

only established contact, can move on to the next part.Get your picture.Attach your photos to each other and sew them with red thread, make a hole in the four corners.Then you need to drip from the hole with wax candles and put the photos in a white envelope with no inscriptions.During the ritual, you can also read or conspiracies to do the inscriptions on the photographs.Instead, however, enough to direct the flow of his spiritual energy and all the sincerity in the feelings of any person with whom you have established contact.

love spell success depends not so much on the accuracy of performed actions, but on the sincerity of your feelings and spiritual strength.A strong spell on photos alone can realize only a strong man.Therefore, the second question - this is, do you consider yourself able to make such a difficult magical effect, how to get a man to love?Perhaps, for a start you need to work out at the Bole simple things, such as the removal of a headache.If you are not capable of magic, you can not relax and make contact, then the spell of photos you do not succeed, and you had better ask for help from capable people.

However, there is a third important question that should think carefully before making love spell on photos own or with the help of professionals.Do you really want to force a person to love?And you will not understand, having achieved success, that his love would be insincere.Of course, ancient books tell us that it is impossible to make a man fall in love - the magic can only evoke hidden feelings.And yet, is not it better to trust in the natural course of things?

If you are absolutely sure in their actions proposed in this article should spell work.And remember that the magic - it is not a ritual or spell, and consciously directed willpower.So your success - is relaxation, concentration and attentiveness.