Plots on love or herself a witch

women being emotional and feeling for us is more important than material wealth.Without a beloved there, none of the fair sex does not feel completely happy.That is why the conspiracy of love in women's magic occupy a special place of honor.Any lady little witch in nature.Consider, for Brushing her hair in front of a mirror, trying on a dress or adjusting makeup, each of us wants to be a charming, that is able to cast the spell.Who has not dreamed of the young ladies as Tosya Kislitsina: "I was walking down the street ... and all the counter when the man saw me fall and themselves in stacks stacked."But the way to become a "killer" was coined beautiful even our great-grandmother.It's a conspiracy of love that make a person a sweet and charming in the eyes of others: good fellow, red-maidens, old men and women and even small children.Like everyone around him - not this is the charm?Today, however, we will not open the secrets of the creation of "weapons of mass destruction", and to direct their energies into more peaceful, that is in search of his one and only.

Conventionally, all plots of love can be divided into three groups: to attract love, to correct the existing relations and to return a loved one.

first thing that comes to mind when you hear about the love magic, it's the memory of a love potions and rituals at the cemetery at the full moon.
Contrary to popular belief, conspiracy to love anything to do with all these horror stories are not.Speech in this case goes about bringing into your life the forces of good, for the establishment of a special positive mood and lightness that characterizes a happy man.
To magic ritual brought the expected results, it is important to choose the right time.It has long been known that the conspiracy of love at full moon are the most effective.Rituals requiring repeated repetition can be performed in the growing phase of the moon.
From the days of the week are most favorable on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.If the night light when it is in the sign of Gemini or Libra, this time can be regarded as the ideal of love for magic rituals.
moon as female star, helping the ladies find attractive and sexy, as well as to preserve youthfulness.

For centuries, the fair sex to meet at his narrowed, using all sorts of magical items.Create your mascot or create plotting to meet the love, can any modern girl.

happens that a woman like and looks good, and very intelligent, but the men on her special attention do not pay.And all of that does not feel the stronger sex in the lady of the sexual attraction that touches men on a subconscious level.The quality of this nature has given every one of us, but some of this "pearl" is hidden so deeply that the naked eye does not see it.Expand your sexuality to attract into your life the energy of love, help the next ritual.

on the growing moon, at midnight, stand in front of the window and looking at his reflection in the glass, 20 times in a loud whisper, repeat these words:

Whispers virgin night dark
I am free, I bottomless,
I wish, I wish,
I drew and draws.

while casting representing both lunar energy permeates through you and your sexuality is growing with luminary.The ritual is conducted during the week and ends on the full moon.

love magic success depends not from the words of the plot or the presence (absence) of your abilities.The main thing here is your confidence in the result.Therefore, from the moment you dare to utter the first words of a love spell you should start a new life.Do not think about failure.Your ritual will certainly work.It is better to buy a beautiful dress, make a new hairstyle to appear when on the verge of a long-awaited Prince, to meet him head-on.