How to sell an idea that will bring income?

We are all different.Someone better at generating ideas and concepts.Someone - to work out plans.In the third - consistently and systematically implemented.Therefore, the question of how to sell an idea, is relevant not only for those who are looking for an investment for his project.In fact, the original concept, a fresh look and an innovative solution to an old problem can bring huge profits.On one condition: that there is someone who sells it all into practice.

So, how to sell the idea?There are several ways they differ, and the cost and complexity of implementation, and the participation of the human factor.The first of these is to find an investor or partner.Ads may be given on special websites, and conventional boards, and even in the newspapers.This implies either a joint venture or receive interest from the profit share or a "franchise."A more complex and time-consuming way of how to sell the idea - make a proposal to potentially interested parties.Distribute its offer, it is important not to disclose the essence, but only in general terms to describe what is devoted to the concept.Otherwise, you can be sure almost one hundred percent that you have an idea, "obscured" and nothing for her rescue fails.Reliable and trustworthy partner - a key point.Many businesses fall apart just because one begins to "pull the blanket over himself."Therefore, the selection of those to whom you can entrust your idea should be very strict.

Another method - competitive.If you are looking for a way how to sell an idea, you can take part in various competitions and tenders.For example, many organizations promise funding for the most interesting and innovative projects.Therefore, if your idea will cause a response, you can count on the fact that its realization someone wants to invest.Another issue is already in the division of responsibility and the formal structure of the business.That is, whether the author of the concept of third-party consultant, employee, shareholder or director - depends on who and under what conditions, is organizing a competition for grants.In recent years, and also created a kind of auctions projects where there are different mechanisms for evaluating and connecting investors and creators of "intangible assets".You can search these sites and learn how to sell the idea to use them.It is essential to remember that any "intangible assets" - ie the knowledge, skills, designs, know-how, concepts, brands - also cost money.Moreover, considerable.And not just at the beginning, but at any stage of operation of the business.Therefore it is desirable or possible to patent the idea, either from the outset to sign an agreement concerning copyright.

third, is already fairly common method of how to sell an idea for a business is to create an information product.This can be an e-book, a video program.As this product can act and training, training materials for the workshop.That is what may be interested in other people, ready to sell or invest in a business.When the product is ready, the question of where to sell the idea, solved quite simply.You can do it on their site, it is possible - through e-mail or through specialty stores virtual content.Another option how to sell the idea - to take part in a variety of partnership programs.Or write an article in a specialized journal.However, in this case, even if paid, the only text.And not for the idea that, when skillful implementation can bring huge returns.