Concept and working hours

working day - a run-time employee of the organization of the direct labor functions.In addition to working and is the time at which the employee is not performing official duties, but subject to payment on the basis of labor law (easy to use due to the fault of the employer, and so on. N.).

Normal and reduction of labor time

normal working day is eight hours per day, forty - per week.This value is the highest on the entire territory of the Russian Federation.For certain categories of employees of the magnitude of the normal working week reduced:

  • to 24 hours - adolescents under the age of sixteen;
  • up to 35 hours - people with disabilities first and second groups;
  • up to 36 hours - teaching staff, employees of harmful and / or hazardous industries.

working day may be reduced for certain categories of employees, for example, for doctors, as well as for those whose work is related to chemical weapons, materials containing HIV, and so on. D. The law also established the need to reduce the duration of workone hour pre-holiday.

Reduced working hours for these categories of citizens is the norm, and therefore mandatory for all businesses.Payment is then carried out without recalculation.

Incomplete working hours

sometimes reducing the number of working hours is possible at the initiative of both the employee and the employer.Transfer to assume partial labor time at the request of:

  • pregnant woman;
  • employee raising a child under fourteen years of age or a disabled child;
  • employees caring for a sick family member.

There are two options: reducing working hours while maintaining the length of the working week or reduced working hours a week maintaining the daily operation (when a certain day of the week announced further output).

Underemployment for women with children under three years of age, it is possible with the preservation of their maternity leave and related benefits.

In addition, there is the possibility of establishing part-time employment at the request of the employer, for example, when the company substantially changed the conditions and organization of labor.However, be aware that the period for which the entry of incomplete working hours, in this case, can not exceed six months.Employees must be made aware of the introduction of the new regime in advance (two months) for signature.

Since this mode is not the norm, compensation will be based on the hours worked or the work performed.If the part-time working day was introduced by the employer and the employee to move to the new regime does not want (because they do not want to lose in earnings), it must be dismissed on grounds of redundancy, with all the in this case, payments and benefits.

Incomplete working hours for the employee retains all rights to release them (on a common basis), the hospital, the accrual of insurance.

mode of working time in the company

duration of the working week, as well as the range of employees to reduce or partial week, the company establishes a so-called mode and time tracking.It refers to the order of distribution of labor time prescribed in the local regulations.It also includes:

  • day duration of the professional functions;
  • clear indication of working hours and a lunch break;
  • circle of employees with non-standard day.

Formation of working time in enterprises engaged in the department of labor, or, in his absence, personnel services.