International Scientific Conference, as the most popular forms of scientific cooperation

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International Conference - is, generally, a meeting of representatives of scientific organizations, which may include scientists, teachers and students.This form of organization of scientific work involves representation of researchers their scientific work, their joint discussion.

Conference 2013 will take place in various formats in different places and they will be able to engage leading experts.Famous scientists attend scientific conferences in 2013 and spent his lectures and reports, not only to equip the participants with new knowledge, but also the latest news in the interest of business.
addition to the scientific conferences held traditionally, as planned, and international scientific conferences of 2013. Such conferences are not only broaden the basis of special knowledge, but also increase the range of meetings that allow to get acquainted with experts of international class.

organization of scientific conferences provides certain rules.So one of the essential items, a preliminary notification of the participants on the conference theme, the exact time and place of its holding.To this end, it made NewsLetter placement poster ads.The next stage - the selection of the main theses of scientific reports.In some cases, provided the collection of organizational contributions.The international conference, under the status occupies a position between the scientific seminars and congresses.Scheduled for 2013, the international scientific conference, organized at the Scientific Research Centre (SRC) "sociosphere" involves a report on political science, sociology, economics, philology, psychology and pedagogy, as well as in other disciplines.

SIC "sociosphere" conducts active cooperation with higher educational institutions accredited in other cities and countries, among which, first of all, you need to call Poland, Belarus, Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Iran.International scientific conference 2013, held on the basis of scientific research center, promote the establishment of fruitful relationships with these countries.Often, the very theme of the scientific conference will include a discussion of good neighborly relations and thus contributes to their emergence and consolidation.

For example, a conference scheduled to be held on 01.02.2013.Her topic: "Forming good neighborly ethno-confessional relations, as one of the most important problems of modern civilization."

Schedule of scientific conferences suggests:

  • Registration of participants and distribution of their programs with indication of prioritization performances.
  • Conference opening of the plenary session includes presentations by the organizers of the event.
  • work on the principle of round tables, hearing reports with their subsequent discussion.
  • Coffee break in the middle of a mandatory conference and banquet or buffet table after its completion
  • Cultural activities and excursions for foreign participants;
  • Publication of scientific papers in the format collection.The variant issuing collections at registration.

members of scientific conference held on the basis of SIC "sociosphere" before its beginning, necessarily define the theme of the conference, get acquainted with the content of the newsletter, send an application, as well as materials for publication.

Among the benefits of participation in international conferences on the basis of SIC "sociosphere" should be called:

  • assigned ISBN for printed collections,
  • Accommodation in RISC electronic version of the collection;
  • graduation all the authors who participated in the event.

often in international conferences have to use the services of a competent interpreter who understands the subject matter.Sometimes, in an informal atmosphere, the participants have to find a common language or the same again resort to the assistance of an interpreter.
participate in conferences of this kind - which means one of the first to get reliable information in the sphere of activity you are interested in.