Green-gray eyes: the value and mystery

Probably few people know that studies have established the true color of the eyes of the ancient population of the earth: and so, it was Karim.But these men were mild in nature, they could not resist the natural disasters, with which abounded in the environment of the young Earth.And so the legend (or legend, or a hypothesis?) Says that during the Ice Age, a new breed of people - they were brave, energetic, swift and strong in spirit.We possess these extraordinary people eyes cool colors: gray, blue, blue.Mankind survived, the owners of different shades of the iris and got mixed offspring, has a truly unusual eyes: green, black, gray, green and brown.But one thing remains: the people who have the cold eye shades, more used to operate and warm shades - receive.However, not everything is so simple to those with green-gray eyes.Their significance as it consists of two mutually exclusive values: there is warmth and affection, there is a clear willpower, ambition.As it can be combined in one person?

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People with green eyes have the energy mix.They can not be assigned to the conquerors, nor to those who are accustomed to the benefits won by others.Astrologers recommend this to people, and pick up his partner's eye color: green-eyed.The fact that the owners of the emerald irises do not like to obey, but do not want to lead.They are ambitious, they know what to strive and go to the target solid steps.They have their principles and practices, and to shake the green-eyed spouse in the decision impossible.In general, the life span is very rare people with green eyes.Feature color usually varies from light, time of year and even the mood of the owner.Therefore see the clean emerald eyes can also be rare, like, say, black.

Variety green eyes - green-gray eyes.The value of the character of their master, as it were formed of two halves - obstinate and stubborn gray and balancing it green.Such people say they have an iron will and may be in relationships with people, especially relatives, some stiffness, and sometimes cruel.But it is not from anger or irritability - this rigidity, according to the owners of these unusual eyes, akin to cruelty surgeon: sometimes it is necessary to make a sick man, that then it was fine.

green-gray eyes are also important in the area of ‚Äč‚Äčemotions and interpersonal relationships.For their owners peculiar deep inner peace.This quality of the green, he is holding back the natural impulsiveness and self-confidence.These people live by the principle: love, so the queen, to lose, so a million.But they did not lose - rather just put the bar very high achievements and strive for it.They can not stand next to a satellite, which is quite satisfied with a sofa and TV.By the stars, and only to them - that's the motto gray-green-eyed.In relationships they are not conflicted, prefer simply to break off relations than remodel objectionable or uncomfortable for them as a partner.

green-gray eyes: the value of astrology.Experts say that this color gives the energy mix of the following celestial bodies: the Moon, Venus and Mercury.Ward such an interesting mix of dreamy and impressionable, it is easy to learn, his inquisitive mind and nature - against an insatiable knowledge.Rather, it is the type of scientists - such, what they decided to portray in feature films not bookworms, as adventurers and explorers.Often, these people do not need a life partner, but still: the best with green-gray eyes combined bob-green eyes.Their owners will be able to soothe their soul mate and make her life a little mundane and comfort.