Psychological mechanisms to protect individuals from destruction

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Often a person gets into a situation, contrary to his idea of ​​the place in a society that this individual has chosen for itself.Sometimes an individual's desires do not coincide with its capabilities.Either attitude of others does not correspond to the person with the way he thinks about himself.As a result, there is an internal conflict, a dispute between two "I": one of them is like watching from the outside and criticize the second "I" and the second "I" is looking for an excuse for his imperfections.

This sense of internal discomfort ons psychological defense mechanisms of the individual.They allow a person to not break in difficult situations, often not even just to survive, and sometimes feel happy.An example of this can serve as protection during World War II, when the siege of Leningrad people managed to give a presentation in the theater, celebrating birthdays, treating a handful of dried peas, and presenting a gift to a log burner.

probably then have been the most frequent methods of psychological defense - this denial, suppression or repression.With all the horror of the environment people blocked the thoughts of hopelessness and the likelihood of imminent death and continued to live, reproducing some details of past happy life (suppression).They not only survive themselves, but also raised the spirit of the weaker, creating around them the necessary mental attitude.

Trying to avoid talking about the failures, no matter how it was hard, strong-willed people continued to perform normally do, wash floors and curled hair, taught poetry and read fairy tales for children (negation).Those who lacked the mental strength to be protected - denial, like a sponge, absorbed the bad news, most painted black and the future - breaking in the end, unable to cope with the pain and fear of the inevitable.

Generally, during any war man is extremely important to include the psychological defense mechanisms.It is necessary not only to survive in a difficult situation - here we often supports a simple animal instinct - but to be able to kill other people.The concept of "killing" unnatural for normal people.But for the good of the motherland is needed to be done.And then in the brain warriors include such psychological defense mechanisms as depersonalization and rationalization.

If depersonalization soldiers tried to forget that before him individuals who have families, who are also experiencing pain and fear.For his own good brain dehumanizes the enemy, presenting him a weighty word - "the enemy."

Rationalization let in only the part of the brain the information that allows a person to go on living with a sense of self-righteousness.This method of protection is also clearly seen in the justifications of thieves and robbers.They are completely "forget" that the property which they have acquired illegally, you need to master.The focus of such people put only the fact that these things were really any money they need themselves.

the examples misfits or outcasts can be observed such psychological defense mechanisms as transport and projection.Typically, weak-willed differ such quality as to blame their troubles on others, blame the fact that his fate was formed not the best way, not himself, but bad leaders, and even the wicked wife disgusting weather (projection).The same method of protection is often expressed in attributing to other people their negative qualities.

A transfer is most common in cases where the desires are met at substitutable sites.For example, instead of the beloved young man enters into connection with the sale, "moth" or, even worse, raped a little child.For all that, this individual did not suffer from the fact that his behavior, to put it mildly, is low and disgusting.

By the way, the same psychological defense mechanisms can act as positive and progressive way, even a victory over the inner discomfort.An example of this - the transfer of parental love on someone else's child, which usually takes place in foster families, where the parents can not give birth to their own child.

Today, there is a science that teaches wishing to auto-training, by which a person can repay yourself in the soul of any internal conflict.They even say that through such exercises people can fundamentally change not only himself, but his whole fate in general.