How to draw a lily?

Before you learn how to draw a lily of the valley, is a bit to explore this beautiful flower.The name given to him Carl Linnaeus."Lilium convalium" translates from Latin as "lily of the valleys."

About Lily of the Valley is composed of many fairy tales, myths and legends.In the children's fairy tale "Snow White" by the Brothers Grimm, fleeing from the evil stepmother, Snow White accidentally Shattered Necklace, which, after transformed into flowers, lilies of the valley.

There is also a Russian legend in which Princess Volkhov, love unrequited love Sadko, she saw her lover, on the other, and decided to drown himself in a pond.Her tears fell on the grass, turned into fragrant flowers, indicating that the love and the pain of a girl's heart.And another legend says that the lilies were laughing Mavka, which first fell in love.

According to Christian legend, the lily of the valley known as the "tears of the Mother of God" because the tears shed by the Virgin, once in the Holy Cross, turned to the flow

ers.The legend of St. George said that the lilies of the valley appeared during the battle with the dragon of the Holy Blood.

Many famous people loved this flower, for example, the composer Tchaikovsky, who wrote a poem about it.Copernicus in many books with a bouquet of lilies of the valley imprinted in his hand.They also loved the chemist Mendeleyev D., writers and poets Fet, Bryusov, A. Myurzhe, Kuprin and others.

wonder whether you are now to learn how to draw a lily?Probably, after you learned that the lily of the valley love and praise, you want it even more.In this tutorial I will describe how to draw a lily pencil.

Each illustration will need to follow the red line to exactly repeat flower.Each image is given a detailed description of how to draw a lily of the valley (in stages).

  1. mark the center of the sheet in thin curved lines three leaves the future of lily of the valley below, they should be slightly wavy.Before leaf spend an average of three curved lines with rounded at the top - it will stalks.
  2. along each stem is necessary to identify five or six laps - a flower bells.Followed attach to the stem with the help of small hooked lines.
  3. Now you need to draw the bell each.To show that some of the bells are inclined to you, you need to draw the ovals.To complete the stem of a small bell near Draw another line.
  4. In the center of each leaf spend two curved lines.Each floret make jagged edges.Where bells inclined to you, you need to draw on the edge of the oval.Each bell Give teardrop shape.
  5. proceed to brushing, but before eraser gently remove all the extra line and circle drawing a thicker line.Leaf, who in the background, paint over with the help of some of the lines, breaking them where painted bells.In inflorescences, the upper and lower parts of the label leaves a shadow curved lines.

Well, now you know how to draw a lily of the valley.Nothing complicated about it, the main thing - the desire to create.