How to put an infinity sign on the keyboard

infinity sign is inverted at a ninety-eight degrees.The first time the mark has been used the famous mathematician John Wallace, and the infinity sign was published only in 1655.In fact, if you look at the keyboard, then you can understand that the symbol "infinity sign" on the keyboard is not present.But if you still want to use the mark, then you can learn about some options, how to put it.


If you have a desire to establish an infinity sign in the file format .txt, then do not try to run this, since these document formats are designed to work only with the original one hundred and twenty eight characters that are in the code table andrespectively, used the computer.Sign infinity symbol is much further in the list, so simply not possible to install it.

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If you're working with text documents that support work with the Unicode character table, then you need to use a special code under the number 8734, and now we'll tell you how it's done.As you can understand, the infinity sign on the keyboard is not available, but it is possible to insert, and for this you need to move the cursor to the input position in the text gap where you need to put a sign infinity.Now press the button «Alt» and hold it, and on the numeric keypad, enter the code that we have indicated above.Then simply release the button «Alt», and if everything was done correctly, you should see the infinity sign.


Let's analyze another option as soon as possible to establish an infinity sign in the popular text editor «Microsoft Office Word», which probably every one of you enjoys.You have been able to learn the code symbol of infinity, but apart from that the decimal code, you can also use the hexadecimal equivalent 221E, where the letter «E» must be set to English.The code must be entered in the right place, then simply press the combination of two buttons «Alt + X», and running a word processor should immediately replace these four characters on a sign infinity.As you can see for yourself the infinity symbol on the keyboard can be installed very quickly, and most importantly, it's very simple.Of course, remember all the hexadecimal and decimal codes will be difficult, especially if you regularly have to use different signs, so we recommend you use a special functionality that is present in the program «Microsoft Word».This professional program on top of the panel, you may notice a special section called "Insert", after clicking on the button in front of you formed a drop down menu, which contains a large list of symbols.Infinity sign you should look for the right group of teams.This list will be updated regularly, and accordingly, it will get the latest signs from the table, which you will enjoy.If you need to regularly use the infinity symbol on the keyboard, then you can put the code in a specially created text file, in this case, when you need to insert this sign, you can quickly learn its code.Using the "Insert" You can also open the table in which there are other signs.


Now you know how to install a sign infinity on the keyboard, and as you can see, this process is not difficult to understand even a novice user can.