Modern poetry in the people.

When people hear the word "poetry", they are Pushkin, Lermontov, Mayakovsky, Yesenin, or at least the Ascension and Akhmadulina, but few people remember about contemporary poets, thinking that poetry has sunk into oblivion.However, it is not, she just moved from the pages of the thick literary journals and anthologies on the web page of your browser.Meet, Welcome to the online poetry!

Internet - a source of inspiration?

So good or bad that the poets have gone online?The unequivocal answer to this question can be given.On the one hand, the distance between the author and the reader has decreased, you can directly comment on the poems of the poet, to give him advice, but on the other - the quality of poetry, of course, reduced because no control of this quality from experienced and reputable writers no longer exists.

Anyone who considers himself a poet creates its Public in the social network "VKontakte", registered on ExperimentCOM and begins to "create".You think bad poetry readers will not notice, and the only thing left to the author - is to amuse his verses himself?Certainly not!Now a lot of frankly mediocre poets become famous, the amount of readership in the thousands.

Is that bad?

Of course, this "dark kingdom" has a "ray of light".There really worthy authors, for example: Stephanie Daniel, Mary Stolz, Peter Manyahin, Timofey Lapshin, Timofey Timkin Dima birds, Pasha throws.Who is it?These are young guys who write on topics that are close and understandable wider audience, while not forgetting about the technique, poetic traditions - in short, everything that is necessary to create a good, strong poem.

Separately want to talk about such Therefore, as Pasha catchy verses which really match his name: they are catchy, strong and technically.In general, it is one of the most interesting poets of our time.A real godsend for fans of the quintessence of tradition and experiment.Catchy

Pasha - who is it?

This is a young Ukrainian poet, writing in Russian.Currently his group "VKontakte" has about 100 thousand people.That's a pretty impressive number for Public poetic.Among other things, it is printed in today's literary magazines and anthologies, perpetuating their creativity on paper.

In his poems everyone will find something of their own.In addition, it is very photogenic young man.Catchy Pasha, whose photos are placed in some glossy magazines, and is also working model.He is a leading international festival "Wind of poetry," cooperates with Russian and Ukrainian stars of show business, is a leading program on the radio, and in the ordinary life of media is not working in the printing industry.Paul studied at the artist, but was expelled from the 3rd year.Here is a cheerless "interline" the life of the modern poets.

Verses Pasha catchy

One of the most famous poems is a product of the Pasha's catchy "Stray Dogs".It raised the eternal themes of poetry, such as the meaning of life, loneliness, love, humanity.All of the above red thread that runs through the work of the author.Pasha catchy poem "The gray coat couture" is also quite well known.It raises the problem of the crowd, the individual, integrity of perception.It's quite a popular theme among modern authors, and not just catchy Pasha touched her: "And when you try out yourself something blind, / dips into a living hell nervous. / The harder you try to stand out from the crowd, / the more it draws you back."(Peter Manyahin).

And Pasha Catchy collaborates with musicians, writing songs together.His track record of working with artists such as Oleg Perekatov Yulia Smirnova, as well as with a group of "Money."

This poet performs the most important task for the modern writer: Keep in a fashionable and classic get-togethers.But this is very difficult.These poets usually write very well.Therefore, in modern fashion of poets, and the luminaries of Russian literature there is no question: "Catchy Pasha - who is it?"They know that this talented young man.

Thus, we learned a little about modern poetry, dismantled its main problems and prospects, as well as to learn the answer to a question about Pasha Catchy - who it is.