Depression is what to do

Human life consists of ups and downs.Delight and disappointment.From the mad desire to live up to the complete lack of desire.The reason for this can be gripped human melancholy, apathy, depression.What to do in such a case?To deal with it.

The main thing to understand human depression the enemy and must be defeated.Depression comes with the loss of sense stimulus desire.The man just wants to close in themselves, see no one, no one to speak.Then there is a huge self-pity.Nothing doing, you feel useless man.And the more you do nothing, the more discouraged and the less you want to do something.

depression should be treated as a signal.If you are overcome by apathy, loss of interest in life, then you need to change something in their lives.

Action - a powerful weapon against depression.In no event it is impossible to stop.Movement - life.Everything is bad, I do not want to?The dreams of only one thing.The fact that you will not touch.But this is wrong.We need to keep moving.Lie low - too much luxury

in our difficult time.

engaged in search for new meaning in life.It may be some new hobby.Sign up for courses, learn a lot of interesting information, meet new people.Always engaged in port.Active lifestyle beats any melancholy.More outdoor activities.To do this, and useful pets.Get a dog, it must be at least two times a day even walk.It will be an incentive to go out and enjoy the contact with nature.

in any case can not be feeling sorry for yourself.I was overcome by depression, what to do?Live contrary.Think about the things that bring joy into your life.Perhaps they were friends.Do not put off indefinitely.Call and make an appointment.Sometimes just having a conversation with another person becomes happier.The problems do not seem so global.A man needs to talk, to lose the cargo accumulated in the soul, because it interferes with breathing.And hard to lead an active life with such a heavy load.

It so happens that on the regular, strenuous working everyday person overcomes depression.What to do in such a case?Of course, you need a vacation.Man is not the computer, although he sometimes fails.People - spiritual beings.In life, to be a holiday for the soul.Chalice go to visit, sometimes in public places.Do not go to bed later than eleven o'clock.This is very annoying nervous system.The body needs proper rest.Be active until the evening.In the evening, let yourself relax.

If the cause of depression is to work, it is necessary to think about.Is it too high the price?If the job is sucking all the juice out of you, and in return it does not bring any financial or moral satisfaction - it is not necessary for it to stay.We must look for a suitable job for you.And this will be found.The efforts of the search necessarily justified when the work will start to bring pleasure.

It so happens that the person has everything.It seems to work and how to work.And the house is not bad.Just not fun for some reason.What to do when sad?Find ways to have fun.Ready-made solutions do not provide.Everyone is looking for themselves.And that was not sad, you need to constantly something to do, many people interested, to communicate with people, keep in touch with family and friends, improve.Search sources of inspiration.

Sometimes it happens that for no reason becomes ill at heart, what to do in this case?Did you keep some experience in itself, the old troubles and problems.We must let go of all that has passed.Go to church, put a candle for the health.Many then become easier.It appears calm and a new desire to live.Now that vystolknetes a problem called "depression, what to do and how to fight it," You can confidently say: "The desire to live and enjoy life can defeat any depression."