was felt that melons grow in the middle lane is almost impossible.However, the residents of the south perfectly delicious produce their crops even in areas close to the north of Russia.We just need to follow some rules that are required for sowing of these crops.Dvuhkilogrammovy watermelon growing in the suburbs is not a matter of great complexity, as tasty and useful as just brought from the South.So let's learn how to land this berry and care for her.

Watermelon: growing in Moscow and central Russia

To begin with it should be noted that in areas that are not intended for sowing southern cultures, it is necessary to select a special intensive growing, early varieties, such as watermelon, Sugar Baby Melon and Altai.Germinated seeds should be in April, wrapping them in a cloth and lowered into the water for 14 days.Then they are planted in small plastic pots.Hold them there for a week, watering constantly.After this time, put the pots on the battery for 2 days.Then again, move the window to a couple of days, and then return to the heating element again for 2 days.

cultivation in greenhouses melons and watermelons

In the second week of these manipulations should see sprouts.After that, watering is reduced to 1 times in two days, a small amount of water.After the third sheet will be transplanted into a pot plant in a volume of three liters or in a greenhouse.Remember that watermelons do not like the humidity, and it is this suffering greenhouses.In greenhouses under high humidity to grow better cucumber, watermelon not.Growing up in the suburbs of these crops requires a change in the internal climate of your greenhouse.Let it be used only for the watermelons and cantaloupes.Create it adequate ventilation.Water the plants 2 times a week.

Watermelons in Moscow: secrets gardeners

If you are not quite sure of the weather, it is possible to do without the greenhouses, because the temperature should not fall below 10 degrees Celsius, and in the current climate, this can happen even in May.Therefore, growers continue to grow melons in pots on the windowsills on the sunny side.

Watermelon: growing in the suburbs in the open field

When summer comes, the time comes to transplant the plants into the ground.Choose a very sunny place, where it will be a little moisture.Watering 1-2 times a week - one plant water consumption to 10 liters.If it rains, do not water at all, or is a savory watermelon.In turn, the lack of irrigation makes fruits nesochnymi, sluggish.

Watermelon: growing up in the suburbs and harvesting

When zavyazhutsya fruit, leave on a bush on a berry.The harvest is removed in the fall, until it is frozen.Secret gardeners: the fruits were sweet, 14 days before harvest watering stop them.If the rainy season has already begun, then cover with foil melons, leaving an air gap, and last so 2 weeks before harvest.

Grow melons in every corner of Russia is possible, but it requires discipline and care, monitoring of humidity.Many gardeners delight their native delicious fruit from the garden.Maybe they do not grow gigantic, but 2 kg of juicy sweetness from one bush you provided!