What foods speed up metabolism and promote weight loss?

In order to lose weight and get a perfect shape to anything long training pace yourself or ruin the digestive system diets.It is enough to eat foods that increase metabolism.

Protein foods

In fact, to digest protein, the human body spends more energy than refining fat or carbohydrates.That is why the protein food increases the metabolism of at least 15%.Mussels, shrimp, fish with a high content of iodine - these foods speed up metabolism and saturate the body with many minerals.


about 300 calories a day can burn if a favorite dish to add a little bit of red hot pepper.And this is true, because the spices improve the metabolism by 25%.At the same time we should not forget that the sharp improves appetite.Equalize blood sugar and reduce its harmful effects on the body and prevent weight gain will help cinnamon.It can be added to yogurt, tea, pastries or in porridges.Many foods speed up metabolism, if they add apple cider vinegar.He actively fights fat deposits, but also contains organic acids, minerals, and some other useful for the normal functioning of the human body substances.Before dinner, you can drink a glass of water to which is added a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar.Almost 15% due to increased metabolism of ginger.This root is considered the first enemy of the fat!No other foods to speed up metabolism can not be compared with him in their effectiveness.The fact is that ginger contains capsaicin - the substance that improves heart (cardiac rhythm accelerates) and slightly raises the temperature, so that starts the process of burning calories.However, there is one "but!".It concerns the ability of the product irritate the stomach, so it is better to eat after a hearty lunch.


Among the fruits that promotes weight loss, the first place is occupied by citrus.Lemons, oranges, tangerines, grapefruit - all these foods speed up metabolism.They bring huge benefits to our body because they contain acids, minerals, fiber and vitamins.And of course, citrus fruits - is not only useful but also very tasty.A flavor! .. Also pay attention to apples, because they also improve the metabolism.


hot coffee lovers can not worry about her figure, because the drink, besides pleasure, improves metabolism.Caffeine 10% promotes accelerated metabolism, and fat burned.The same applies to green tea, because it contains enough caffeine.In addition, it reduces appetite and improves digestion.


no secret is the fact that excess fat will not accumulate if works well the gastrointestinal tract.His work is to some extent dependent on calcium.Milk, cheese, yogurt, yogurt - these foods speed up metabolism.But their deficiency leads to the production of calcitriol - the hormone that can inhibit the excretion of fat.

addition to the above, there are other cooking ingredients to help lose weight.What other foods speed up metabolism?The list would be incomplete without the following items: berries, herbs, almonds, broccoli, beans, spinach, oatmeal, soy milk.